American Idol

Okay, I’m not impressed with this season. There is no stand-out, no “it” guy or gal. Antonella Barba has the looks, but she didn’t carry her tune Wednesday night. Lakisha Jones did an remarkable job on Jennifer Hudson’s song from “Dreamgirls” but will audiences buy into her? Melinda Doolittle rocked the place but she doesn’t have that “it” factor. Jared Cotter will no doubt make the girls swoon but he didn’t deliver Tuesday night. Simon said the girls would love Chris Richardson but he didn’t impress me much either. Where are the Kellie Pickler’s, the Ace Young’s, the Mikalah Gordon’s, the Bo Bice’s… you know I could go on and on. Right now, I’m not getting the star appeal from any of these Idol contestants.

Also, I’m tired of Randy always “trying to keep it real” with the contestants. Randy, just say what you want and move on. There’s always the struggle, you know what you want tell them. Lighten up a little. We know Paula’s going to be the encouraging coach, Simon’s gonna be the “kick your butt” motivator but you are always struggling.

These kids don’t have an zingers for Simon either. Chris Sligh has a couple but he’s not going to carry the show. One of the contestants, Antonella Barba, almost fell apart on stage. “What would you ask the judges now?” Ryan asks her. “What else can I do?” she meekly asks the judges. I forgive the nerves but this is Hollywood!

Overall, the show just lacks energy of last season or the one before. Let’s hope dumping four of these contestants will give the show back some of its zing!