Amber’s Tears

Courtesy CBS

Amber is one of the most emotional women. She cries when she’s happy, she cries when she’s said, she cries when she’s undecisive, she cries when she feels pressured. I seriously hope she holds it together when she’s away from the BB household. I think you can actually see tears forming in her eyes in the picture to the left.

I think the relationship? between Eric and Jessica is interesting. You get to see a different side of Jessica on Big Brother After Dark. I, however, could not get past her voice but I think I could be her friend. She seems fun especially when she and Eric hid all of the chess pieces from Zach. They’re really painting him as an annoying housemate. During Sunday night’s episode and on BBAD, you get the picture that he’s everywhere. Everyone wants him out. I want Jen out. She’s annoying!

Of course, I didn’t think I’d see nudity on BBAD but it’s very tame. A couple of curse words but that’s about it.

Why do I like this show so much? I wonder how I would be if I were part of the show. Who would I align myself with? Would people align with me? Would I be an outcast? How would I be perceived by the blogosphere?