Breaking News from Big Brother After Dark

Evel Dick and Jen just got into an push and shove out in the yard. Apparently, Jen took ED’s stash of cigarettes, crushed them and then put them in bleach. ED fired back and took Jen’s clothes and locked them in the HOH room. Big Brother told Jen she can’t destroy other people’s property but she said she asked and was told she could destroy them. She started crying and decided to disobey her slop orders and got a bagel, apple and cottage cheese along with a turkey burger. ED verbally abused Jen like there was no tomorrow. Dick lit up a cigarette and then that’s when they two started pushing and shoving. BOOM! The control room throws up the “trouble slide” that says “Big Brother After Dark, We’ll Be Right Back!” They rolled some Showtime commercials. When we got back live, we see ED and Jen still verbally sparring back and forth. Moments later, Jen comes out to tell everyone the penalty for violating slop. She will be automatically put up on the block and can’t be saved by the POV next week.

Daniele and Amber are MIA tonight. They’re on an overnight trip away from the house tonight. I wish I could see what happens when they come back. I want to know what happened to them and what they think of what happened at the house while they were away.