Sunday Night BBAD

I’ve not been so great with these recently but here’s an update from Sunday night’s BBAD.

ED & Jessica are concerned about Daniele. Her birthday is today and she’s dwelling about her situation. She’s concerned about her boyfriend and what kind of relationship they’ll have when she gets out of the house. Jessica sent Eric into the HOH room to talk with her. Eric revealed he has a “lady friend” and understands how she’s feeling.

We get to see Amber saying a prayer. You have to smile when you talk about Amber. On Sunday night’s show, the producers (danged producer people!) made her out to be a complete buffoon. She questioned several words people said to her. Tonight when she said a prayer, she said “God Bless you, God.” I’m not going to comment on that. You make your own conclusion. She’s probably safe this week because it’s Jen who everyone wants to go home.

The houseguests are playing quarters again. Beer pong isn’t as easy to play on this new table. Happy Birthday, Daniele!