Groundhog Day

Yeah, I know it’s in February but I feel like I’m living the movie. If you’ve seen “Groundhog Day”, you know how Bill Murray’s character repeats the day each morning he gets out of bed. I feel that’s what I’m doing working this overnight shift.

Each night around 12:30am, I get a call from the station to talk about what we’ll cover that morning. I go back to sleep (or take a nap) until I get up around 2:15am. I stumble into work around 3am (thank God for the short commute). I’m very busy until around 8am in the morning. That’s when we have a conference call to set-up the rest of the day. After that, I work on the next day’s newscast or station projects. That work takes me until around Noon when I leave to go home.

I try to take another nap around 1pm. For some reason my body wakes me up from sleep around 4pm or 5pm. It’s working out, working around the house or getting “to-do’s” done. By 9pm or 10pm, it’s back to sleep again for what I call my actual sleep time even though it’s only about 2 hours long. Then it’s back up for the conference call again.

Thankfully this week, I’m only working four days. I’m going to South Texas again, don’t ask why. I get to see my friends again. Last time I was down there it was Borderfest and Charro Days weekend. This time, it’s RioFest, Harlingen’s spring festival. The problem with that is most of my friends work at a television station there and they have obligations at the festival. Hopefully, they’re going to have some time to spend with me. I can’t wait to get down there again and see them. It’s only been a couple of weeks ago but I miss them already!

Of course, I’ll be mobile blogging throughout my trip. It’ll be fun. Stay tuned right here!