Sleep… Who Needs It?

I haven’t had much sleep over the past couple of days. As I mentioned in a post yesterday, I went to an event at the Foundation Room. Thursday, I went to Media Day at the Progressive Field. The Indians lost to the White Sox in what was a very quick game.

I got to see some people I haven’t seen in a while. My friend and former co-worker, Joey Morona, came up to me. I wouldn’t have known him if he’d bumped into me on the street. He’s worked at for years since we worked together at WKYC.

I talked with Del Donahoo for awhile. Forever, I’ll be “Scott” to him. I apologized for not getting him on the phone this year for his birthday. His number changed since he’s moved. It’s the first time I missed talking to him on his birthday in about 15 years.

Jeff Maynor spotted me and we immediately started talking about music. You think you might be able to stump Jeff on an oldies hit but you won’t. I always have to laugh because he’ll reply to your question with the answer in the form of a question. “Wasn’t that the Nightcrawlers?” I know he’s just being nice to me. I’ve yet to get him on a song. He’s always telling me the newest singer or band that’s interesting him.

Well, even though I started this post on Thursday, here it is Friday and I have the Domestic Violence Center benefit tonight. That’s my plan for this evening. I have to clean up the place tomorrow and Sunday. Ah, to think I have my weekend ahead of me. It’s a great thought!!

I hope you enjoy yours!

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