The Flat Are Fading

While walking over to meet my friend at Shooters, I snapped this picture from the West Bank of the Flats of all of the demolition going on on the other side of the Cuyahoga River.

The crews are working hard to bring down all of the buildings. It’s weird to sit at Shooters and be able to see Cleveland Browns Stadium. It’s weird to think I sat at the (then newly opened) John Harvard’s and no longer see it. It’s weird to know Jimmy’s is gone. It’s strange to see only the building that was Fagan’s, The Flagship of the Flats, sit just waiting for a wrecking ball. It’s strange to see Fado and Joe’s Crab Shack gone. Even though they were late in arriving for the Flats festivities.

The old East Bank of the Flats are fading but let’s hope the new one can still possess some of the old magic!