What A Match!

Four hours and 48 minutes of match play. It was a thriller at Centre Court that took a long time to end. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the match. I wasn’t happy with the outcome but it was still phenomenal.

Roger Federer did not want his five year reign at Wimbledon to end. Rafeal Nadal played tough throughout the match, trying to play spoilers to Federer’s chance to tie a record at the All England Club. He had the chance to become the first man since the 1880s’ to win a sixth consecutive championship. Today was not to be that day.

Federer looked like a champion and genius during some of his plays but was consistently inconsistent. He had 25 aces to Nadal’s 6. The tale of the match lies in the unforced errors. Federer had 52, almost twice of Nadal’s 27.

It was the most exciting match I’ve ever seen at Wimbledon. I think only Sampras/Agassi match-ups at Centre Court were close when it comes to excitement. The match consumed the better part of my Sunday due to all of the rain delays. Next year, a retractable roof that will be able to shelter the players and the crowd from England’s rains.

Here’s the final scoring – 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-7 (8), 9-7

I can’t wait for the U.S. Open.

3 Replies to “What A Match!”

  1. oh this was such a great wimbledon! watching tennis is one of my favorite things. it all started with my childhood crush on pete sampras and waking up at 7am to watch his early matches….. sigh.

    i’m sad federer lost though he’s my favorite. and pretty damn nice to look at. too much information? ha

  2. It was a great match and the competition won’t be over. If anything, it has added more fuel to the rivaly fire.

    Think of all the guys the media has tried to match against Tiger wWods to create rivalies: David Duval, Sergio, Lefty. They didn’t beat him like this and the rivaly evaporated.

    We have several years of Nadal and Federer trading Slams ahead.

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