Wait until you see where this post goes.

I love Wikipedia but I hate that I start out looking for information about bumblebees and end up reading about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth twenty minutes later.

The same thing is true about the blogosphere. I wanted to catch up on my blog and everyone else’s today. I’ve been working crazy hours this week and haven’t had time to do much posting. I started going through the blogs when I got to Narm’s.

Ironically, I went to Ro k Bottom with Narm last night. Ro k Bottom is Rock Ottom now. (c’mon Marco, you gotta fix that sign and the wiring) Narm’s just as hilarious in person as on his blog. If you haven’t read the Secret blog, spend 5 minutes or less of your life and read it. It’s one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read. I was happy to tell him apparently there is a new scent of Secret out there that smells more manly. My neighbor bought two of them but then pitched them because she didn’t like the smell. He even made me curious to see what the stuff’s all about. I’ll never tell anyone that I actually used the stuff though. See my comment on his page. By the way, if you go to Ro k Bottom, you can’t order a GLBC beer or let’s say a Miller Lite because Ro k Bottom is a brewery. I’m just trying to keep you from embarrassing yourself. I can never spell “embarassing” correctly.

So back to the Wikipedia connection. I was reading Narm’s blog and his comments on one of his posts and I clicked through to Hebrewhero who had a funny retort. I, of course, read his post about going to the dentist. It got me to thinking about my hundreds (I mean hundreds) of trips to the dentist over the years. I apparently had bad mouth of chompers. I love the dentist over a trip to the doctors.

When I was down in South Texas one of the hygienists told me that people gag all of the time at the dentist and that’s the best part. I don’t need to remind you what follows gagging. I was shocked by this revelation. In all of my professional visits (I can claim professional because I went to the dentist so much, I actually have a degree. One of my procedures actually allowed my dentist to buy a hot tub. I’m not joking.)

Starting over…

In all of my professional visits, I can claim I never gagged once… until that dreaded woman told me of the phenomenon. Now, I have to watch my reflex closely when I get x-rays or impressions taken. I mean, did she really have to tell me about that? It’s engrained in my brain now and I think I have to be like the cool people, kind of like Britney Spears following Paris Hilton’s trend of going commando, and start gagging.

She was nice enough to tell me that the secret to avoid the gag is breathing through your nose. I practice that now and rule the day she ever told me such a thing.

See I told you we were going to be all over the place.

6 Replies to “Hyperclicking”

  1. I’ll have a Miller Lite…

    I’m slowly recovering from last night. I haven’t had a good weekday boozefest in awhile – thank you for thinking Patrone was a good decision.

  2. I definitely don’t appreciate the psychology behind your story.

    It’s like my mom warning me that I have an %x chance of getting Salmonella Poisoning when I discovered my love of raw cookie dough at age 8. . .

    To this day, I still ask myself whether I’m feeling alright and if I’m not then perhaps it is the cookie dough’s fault. Fortunately, this slight paranoia has subsided but nonetheless remains in the back of my mind*


  3. wow – that’s a good tip to avoid gagging – good to know….

    I too, have made a few trips to the dentist. *Sigh*

    I hadn’t figured out the Ro k Bottom thing until this post…but I love making fun of letters that are unfortunately not functioning on signs!

  4. I just had a dental visit and it was a bloodbath. He basically told me to organize a telethon to pay for the work I am going to need to have done. I would rather pass a Winnebago through my birth canal than go back, but allegedly if I want to keep my teeth, I have no choice.

    I bet laughing gas or ether cures gagging very nicely, too.

  5. I hate dentists! I so know where you are coming from….have spent too many minutes/hours in dentists chairs! And as a person who has been known to cry at the sound of a dentist’s drill (Pavlov’s dog anyone?!), I can totally understand dental fear…..but gagging??? Eeek!

    Now just don’t get me started on orthodontists and sons who need big expensive braces!

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