Dance With Me

What can I say, I like to dance!

When everyone else was doing their homework in high school, I had mine finished and had the tunes cranked for dancing. I’d watch my body in the living room picture window and my feet’s reflection in the fireplace glass doors.

I never thought dancing was hard but so many people make it that way. Johnny Cash sang “get rhythm” and that’s all you need to do. It’s finding that beat that’s so tough.

Weddings are my place to show off. Give me a little Rob Base and I can’t pass up the dance floor.

I don’t have a problem saying I’m a good dancer, I’ve been told. It’s in my blood. My parents developed their own line dance and have no shame showing it off.

Word of my dance awesomeness makes its way around and I get requests to just cut a rug. That never happens. It’s like tellling a comedian to be funny and make you laugh.

So if you’re lucky maybe you’ll see me break it down once and your reaction will be the same, “man, that boy can dance.”

One Reply to “Dance With Me”

  1. Lol! You have set us all up with high expectations, you know! Taawd = Lord of the Dance! 😉

    Btw, I grew up with a steady diet of Johnny Cash, too. Just don't get me started on some of my dad's other old vinyl records!

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