Gavin DeGraw at the Cleveland House Of Blues

The stage before Gavin came out.
Gavin Uplugged, sort of…
A very small crowd. Q104’s winner and her closest 12 friends. There were also a couple of radio and television people there too.
Gavin talking with Jen Tuohey on Q104. I don’t know what Rebecca is doing.

I was lucky to get the chance to go to the “meet & greet” with Gavin DeGraw Friday night at House of Blues. He was very personable. He played “Chariot“, “Cheated On Me” (which I really like), and a song he called “The Drinking Song“.

After the songs, he came down and talked to us for a bit. He suggested we see the movie, “Sweet & Lowdown“. It’s a Woody Allen film and said if we ever got the chance to see this 80’s cover metal band in Las Vegas. I hate 80’s & 90’s big hair bands.

At any rate, I’m going to check out a lot more of Gavin’s music. Awesome stuff.

Afterward, we headed over to Flannery’s to see my friend, Scott Smith, play a set. I was glad my friends liked Scott. He does such a great job! He’s playing again tonight at Flannery’s if you’re looking for something to do. Please check him out!!

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