Football, Favre & Friends

Well by rights I should be sleeping right now. Heck, I should have been sleeping at 1:30pm when I woke up but I couldn’t resist my restlessness about tonight’s Browns preseason game against the NY Jets.

At least when I left work this morning, the Jets were planning a 6pm news conference with Brett Favre here in Cleveland. Yep, the days-old soap opera with one of the most beloved NFL players ends here in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame city. I’m sure there will be all sorts of satellite trucks set-up around Cleveland Browns Stadium tonight.

The news about the trade between the Packers and the Jets broke at 12:31 this morning. The Associated Press confirmed the deal had been done. It made picking the story of what our morning reporter, Joy Benedict, would “front” live easy. Cleveland is Browns Town and add in all of the drama surrounding the Favre saga and you got a story suitable for a morning show. I didn’t even say it was brand new for people, even those who watched any 11pm newscast. I talked to people from the Milwaukee ABC television station, WISN, overnight. They wanted Joy to do a live hit for them. It’s always great when you have a fresh story to lead the newscast.

I have to give continued props to Kevin. Without him, all of tonight’s festivities would not be possible.