Goodbye Yahoo! Mail?

My relationship with Yahoo! goes back years. I finally had ditched AOL and went surfing to find a new place to tell people to e-mail me. I found Yahoo!. It was a great relationship. I sent e-mail, I received e-mail, Yahoo! kept the spammers at bay, Yahoo! was there for me through the good and bad times.

I want my Yahoo! mail to go to my e-mail client. My Gmail account does this without any problem. Gmail even provides a tutorial on how to accomplish this. Yahoo! wants me to pay $19.99 for the service. I used a program that would allow me to get my Yahoo! fix in my e-mail client but now it won’t let me sent the e-mail I want. Yahoo!, I thought I knew you!

Now, I have to contemplate giving up my best e-mail friend and switching to Gmail exclusively or paying the $20 a year that Yahoo! wants for their e-mail “Plus” service.

I’m not going to be rash and rush to any decisions. I think Yahoo! does a much better job filtering spam than Gmail. Just compare the spam boxes in both and you’ll have to agree. My dealbreaker might be the lack of free accessibility for my mail.

Yahoo!, can’t we just be friends again?