A Weekend of Total Fun!

Okay, Ohio University lives up to its status. Jason and I took a long drive down there. We got backed up in Columbus Saturday morning, got behind a funeral procession on Rt. 33 and took the BR (Business Route) before Jason realized we didn’t want that way but it was still fun. We got there in just enough time to drop off our stuff at the University Inn. We met Rick, Frank, Steve and Matt. Jason introduced me to Steve, who’s a reporter and then asked Matt if he was a photographer. Matt said “I work at a liquor store.” Hiliarous and more so if you were there. Next, we went to Miller’s Chicken. They have good fries. I didn’t partake of the chicken because I wasn’t hungry.

We headed off to the basketball game. We walked there spouting off (I mean, shouting) lines from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”. By the way, Rick was very sick, bad cold. Props to him for hanging in! It was a big day at the Convo because OU was celebrating 100 years of Bobcat Basketball. They had players from the past including one man who came dressed in a Hawaiian shirt. Props to him for that one! Jason and Rick spotted Manute Bol sitting on the other side of the Convo. We wandered over there and we got a picture with him. He wasn’t very excited to have us take his picture as you can see for yourself. The game was good but the end result wasn’t. OU played Kent State. The game came down to the final moments but OU lost by two points, 73-71. You couldn’t help but notice the cheerleaders including one of them, who had the most unbelieveable set of abs, I’ve seen. Props to her for those! 🙂

So we went back to the hotel to get ready for the night. We walked up to “uptown” because it literally up the hill. We started at Court Side Pizza. The nice people sitting next to us had plenty of pizza left over and ended up “donating” it to our cause. Props to them for their gesture. Nice free meal! We headed to C.I., where we met up with Steve & Matt. The place was dead but Matt reassured me things would change, and they did. Props to him for the reassurance. Jason being the tour guide that he was/is, took me to Pawpurr’s, then Crystal, Red Brick Tavern. Crystal (I think that’s the name) was the best of all of them because of the “talent”. Frank and I at one point bumped into “cheerleader with the great abs” and I got a picture with her even though my camera was sans batteries. We took it with my camera phone which didn’t turn out so good. Oh well!

Props to Jason for the trip suggestion and the rest of the Bobcat pack!