Wii Have Zelda

I don’t own a Wii but I partially own a game for the game console. We bought The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

I’m not by any means a gamer but I have always liked the Zelda games. We’ve played the game for about 37 hours now. It keeps a tab on your gameplay. At any rate, if it wasn’t for IGN, we probably wouldn’t be as far along as we are right now. They have a walkthrough on their website that has helped get us through a couple of spots we couldn’t figure out for ourselves. We are now at the Hyrule Castle. From the looks of it, we have plenty of game left. One of the toughest parts for us so far was getting the covered wagon to the town without it catching fire. You can keep putting it out but the trick was killing the birds overhead. They are the enemies you really need to worry about because they drop bombs. With them gone, the wagon will follow the path and arrive at the town. We must have sent a hour trying to figure it out. It’s a fun game. A good way to check out of life for a while and forget about everything.

Weekend Update

Nope, this isn’t a post about Saturday Night Live. It’s already been an interesting weekend.

My friends and I went to the aforementioned Domestic Violence Center benefit at St. Helena’s Church. On the way there, we made an ATM stop. I never carry cash so I needed money for the donation to get into the fundraiser. Remember, the fact about me not carrying cash by the way. While at the ATM, a couple pestered us for a couple of bucks for bus fare. They weren’t violent just persistent. I didn’t wan t hang out for too much longer so I think in my haste I left my debit card in machine. I didn’t even notice this had happened until this morning. Since I had cash, I didn’t use my card. Only today at lunch did I notice the missing card.

Remember the whole thing about not carrying cash? Now, I only have what I have left in my wallet. I need to locate my original ATM card. Remember, it’s not a debit card though. I called the bank and cancelled my last card and ordered another one. It’s going to cost me five dollars to get the card to me quicker. I can expect it on Wednesday. I can go to the bank and get any money on Monday. I now also have to change over all of my online bill payments to reflect the new card number. That’s just going to be a little bit of a pain.

You’re probably wondering if there was any activity on my card. No, there wasn’t. I only assume the above story is correct becuase I don’t remember getting the card out of the machine but I don’t remember not getting it either. If that didn’t happen, it slipped out of my pocket at the benefit.

So, this whole process is a little bit of a pain but no real trouble came out of except I have to go without a debit card for four days and it cost me five bucks.

On another topic, both of my neighbors, Dan & Molly are sick. They have the flu and I hope they get better. They’re struggling right now. Dan just got a Wii and he hasn’t even played it because he doesn’t feel up to it. I, on the other hang, am feeling good enough and I love bowling, golf and trivia. I beat their brother, Kevin, on baseball. He beats me on bowling though.

I do have a couple of thoughts and questions about the Wii though. Why don’t the baseball players have any legs? Also why do some of the people on the Party Pack keep rubbing their stomachs during the game?

Don’t expect me to go out and buy a Wii though. I don’t have enough time to get the things I need to get accomplished without the temptation of the Wii. I will tell you however they are addicting and they will tired you out, especially if you’re playing boxing.

On yet another topic, I’m sore. I put in two good workouts with the toughest being Friday. My abs are still sore, my neck aches, my elbows are are tight. I guess it’s all about no pain, no gain.

I’m excited about hanging out with my friend, Missy, tonight. I haven’t seen her for a while. We’re going to have dinner. She, too, has been sick recently and traveling a lot so I haven’t gotten any rock star time with her.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, here’s to being cashless!