Giving In…

Maybe it’s a deal where I’m getting older or maybe I’m getting smarter. I’m sure it’s NOT the latter but I’m just starting to give in to different things.

There are words that bother me. If Narm can love pie charts, I can love words. I don’t like “cancelled” spelled “canceled”. “Cancelled” just looks right but it’s the preferred British way of spelling the word. The preferred American word is “canceled”. Yes, I know it doesn’t look right. I have other words that I like one way even though they may be preferred another way.

Enough about words, how about emotions. I’ve always been quick to be passionate with my response to things, even if it’s not the correct passionate response. I’m learning you can’t just fly off the handle. I guess I thought people were more forgiving and not so sensitive. You have to be careful in e-mails, you have to be careful talking to people. It seems like everyone is so defensive about things. Isn’t this how wars get started?

I’d rather joke, smile and have fun than be poisonous with my words or actions. What brings more to the table and makes everyone feel better? I think you understand that’s a rhetorical question.

I know we all have our own insecurities. I work in television and come in contact (thankfully) with all sorts of people. What I’ve found over and over is that we are all human. Our little minds process things in different ways all in the line of making sure “number one” feels comfortable, safe and maybe even a little better than the next guy.

This is such a special time of the year. We all seem to forget some of those things and let down some of the walls we build up and defend the rest of the year. It’s also a very stressful time. Everyone is running to get things done. It’s a deadline, Christmas is coming and the countdown clock ticks every second, minute, hour and day closer to the holiday. Some people handle deadlines better.

My challenge to you is to give into the Christmas (holiday) spirit and smile instead of looking the other way. Say hello instead of saying nothing. Give instead of receive. Love instead of hate. You could make a difference in another person’s life without even knowing it.

What we do have the ability to do as humans is have an effect on others. Why not make it a good one instead of a bad one. You never know when someone out there will smile at you when you’re having a dirty and rotten day.

Maybe if we all give in a little more, this little place in the universe might just function and spin a little smoother,

(p.s., sometimes I have to admit, I don’t know where my blog posts will end. I didn’t plan for this one to go this direction. Maybe it will brighten up someone’s day or change their way of doing things and make them see things in a different way. If that’s the effect, it was worth my time this afternoon when I should have otherwise been sleeping. Happy Christmas! That’s another post though.)

Just One Of Dem Days

or weeks for that matter…

This week could really be a long one. December is, of course, vacation season at work. That means I’ll be pulling some extra duty to make sure we continue operating business as usual without you knowing it. That means I’ll be going into work into work early and leaving late.

That aside, this week will probably be slow going. I’ve already been warned that this week could be a long one. I’ve been talking to family about Christmas plans. It’s not easy getting all of the family together on the same schedule. I have to go down to Wayne County for my mother’s family. That’s a Christmas Eve event. My immediate family has always celebrated Christmas on the night before (I know it’s commonly known as Christmas Eve). I also have plans on Christmas with family. It’s going to be a busy couple of days and everyone is going to be tired and need a little nap the next day.

I left work a little early this morning. If you’ve been following twitter you saw that I had a major pain in my back (no, not my neck!) and it has been debilitating. Here’s the good news, I have some drugs now that’s controlling the pain and it’s not as bad. This weekend wasn’t fun. Narm twittered he was happy to hear that the pain was subsiding but thought it was a little funny that I threw out a couple of sharp words as the pain hit me. Believe me, it was not fun

On the fun side, I got an iPod Touch that I’m calling iGor (pronounced Igor). I can’t believe what it can do. I do hate having two different device that I’m caring around with me all of the time. I’m learning how to use it. Already, I’m able to justify its purchase. It’s cool and can do so many things.

It’s been a good day with the pain going away and other things in my life seeming to be okay. Time seems to work everything out. For that, I’m thankful…

The Biz Of Busyness

No, there’s no typo there. It’s not business rather busyness.

The one thing I see over and over again while I stumble across my favorite blogs and others I don’t normally read, you’ll see a disclaimer that reads something like this: “Sorry for the lack of posts but I’ve been crazy busy.”

I’m not immune to the syndrome, let’s call it IBBS (I’ve Been Busy Syndrome). There’s one cure for the problem just sitting yourself down and letting your thoughts flow through your fingers. I don’t like it when I go to my favorite peeps’ blogs and they haven’t updated and I’m sure you’re not happy when you visit taawd’s little space on the ‘net and don’t see any update. It’s a major crapper.

Sure right now, I should be:
folding clothes (I have two mounds, whites & colors, in my place)
eating breakfast (My stomach is growling)
paying bills (I’m sure someone wants my money)
cleaning up my place (I’m having VIPs stop by this evening)
sleeping (I can always use some sleep)
doing some work (I have a little organization to do for my project for GMC)
relaxing while playing this online game that I’m addicted to (one of my fellow players sent me a message wondering if I was okay because I wasn’t “on” as much.)
several computer projects (a little photoshopping, fixing my network, switching two of my computers around)
working out (seriously, I’ve become lazy and fear flabbiness)

But, I gave all of those things the “up yours” to write this blog so that I overcome the IBBS. I promise not to let it get the best of me.

Don’t let it do the same thing to you,

[by the way, do you twitter? if so, follow me at, you might be able to keep up with me just as well there.]

taawd’s Beauty Secrets

Okay, I got your attention. First, let’s clear up the air, I ain’t beautiful and I don’t really have a secret, that’s Narm, but then again he’s talking about deodorant.

I have dry skin, I’ll admit it, I flake like people want it to on Christmas Eve. I use expensive lotions to hide my skin’s anger. Now, come to find out it’s because I use bar soap on my face. I didn’t know you could mess up your face by using soap. I’m a dude.

Sure, I use the occasional hair product. I have straight hair otherwise. Sure, I like to wear a little cologne, I like smelling good. (That secret is Hollister’s Jake, in case you Internet junkies want to know what makes the taawd smell so spiffy!) Sure, I use expensive shampoos and conditioners to keep what remaining hair that has taken up residence on my dome not leave like Ohioans fleeing to other states. By the way, I’m one of the people who moved back because I missed it so much. Flee to the Clev people!

Anyhow, I got the beauty advice about skipping the soap on the face from a great friend who was appalled after seeing me quickly washing my face. Of course, I only do that for select people or if I don’t feel like taking a shower. You know, a quick touch-up to make yourself look refreshed. Hey, you can do it too all it takes is a wash cloth, a sink and soap facial cleanser.

So next time you see me out and about sporting that radiant skin about town, you’ll know why my face is also wearing a smile because it’s no longer angry. Wait, are we still talking about skincare.


[the preceding message was brought to you as a public service of taawd’s thoughts, serving the Internet for oh, about three or so years, give or take a couple of months either way or 728 posts.]

I Look 27 Again

I was thinking about saying 24 but 27 seems more appropriate.

At any rate, after a couple of weeks with scruff/beard/stubble, I shaved off my facial hair. Maybe it had something do to with the fact I found three (or more) gray hairs poking through. Maybe it had something to do with the itchiness. Maybe it had to do with the guilt my electric shaver gave me.

Yes, I’ll admit to somewhat of a love affair with it. How cool is it, it cleans itself. Is always ready for me anytime I want it. There’s something to be said about that. After all, it doesn’t ask much in return, just to make me happy while doing its job. I’m not saying that the stubble/beard/scruff won’t come back soon. I’m just enjoying a different look, a younger one.

I remember when my dad shaved his beard, I couldn’t believe how young he looked. When I was a kid, I thought he must have taken some potion that made him look younger again. Check out the classic photo of my pop lounging around in his best Hefner look on the classic 70’s couch. Yes, that is a picture of me in the background. Please no comments on my attire, it was the late 70’s or early 80’s, yo!

So yes, I again hope to have all of those people who don’t think I’m in my 30’s (ahem, mid 30’s) believe that I’m in my late 20’s again. Now all that I need is my hair cut because I’m looking a little like Shaggy again.


13149 Days Old

The whole “years” thing is overrated.  Let’s talk days.  There have been 13, 149 of them in my life.  Some of them, happier, some of them not so happy.  I think there are many happy days ahead of me.  Something just tells me that, call it birthday intuition.
I don’t look back at the last two years with total joy.  There have been certainly some great times (thanks to my friends and family) and there have been some rough patches.  No need for any unpleasantness.  I’m optimistic for what the next year and my future holds.
Certainly this past year has been an improvement.  I moved downtown, became closer with some old friends and got to know newer friends.  My family has grown with the addition of Ayden.  That boy smiled the entire time he was at my place yesterday.  It’s so great to see him and play with the little tike.
I’m up early this morning because, well, because.  I want to get some cleaning around the place done because instead of doing it during my birthweek, I sat on the couch getting over this danged cold.  I’m still a little stuffy and have a cough but for the most part, it’s moved on.  At least I can say that.  My day also involves a trip to Steelyard (again!)  The sales associate at Home Depot cut not one, not two but three keys I needed made incorrectly.  Believe it or not, not one of them fit in my door.  Currently, I don’t have spares and I think my good luck is running thin on the getting lucky I haven’t locked myself out department.  I think I’ll bike there and most definately get the workout in today.
Two quick taawd stories about life “before taawd” or BT as I like to say… When my mother was pregnant with her she loved one food and hated another.  Here’s the funny part, I share those feelings.  I still love Big Macs.  My mother has told me she couldn’t get enough of them when she was carrying me.  I HATE cottage cheese.  Strangely enough, my mother, who likes it, couldn’t stand to look, smell or eat it when she was pregnant with me.  I think it’s so funny how your tastes are formed so early.  Summary: love Big Macs, hate cottage cheese
Anyhow, I got a birthday card this year that makes me absolutely beam.  It really does mean so much to me.  Sometimes people do and say things that do make a difference.  I await the birthday facebooks, myspaces, blog comments, e-mails, texts and phone calls throughout the rest of the day.
In advance, thanks for helping me celebrate my special day,

The Game Of Catch-Up

The week has arrived, the birthweek. At the risk of seeming cocky, I don’t celebrate just a birthday, it’s an entire week of fun. Hey then getting older isn’t as stressful and depressing. The last sentence was there to pacify anyone who would claim I had a big ego or something. Truth is, I don’t, get over it.

Friday night was a night of absolute rest. I loved it, every minute of it.

Saturday night was the Emmy’s you saw the update, I didn’t win, again it was just an honor to be nominated. The after-party for me was a lot better than the Emmy’s themselves.

During the ceremony, something went awry in the Marriott and the fire alarms went off. Everyone looked around wondering it was part of the show, then we got word, we had to evacuate the place. Half way to the end, everyone had to leave their table and head outside into the sticky Saturday night Cleveland air. Just as I hit the door, one of the worker told me it was okay to go back. I then walked back up the escalator and once again took my seat. NewsChannel 5 took several awards. I’m not going to list them here but congratulations everyone!!

Sunday was filled with sleep and then getting ready for the game. I wondered was Father Time effing with my clock because it was 5:00pm somewhere and that somewhere was Cleveland. That creeped up on me. My friend, Kevin, brought up some cornhole boxes and some beanbags. I’m now a proud member of the clan of people who own them. My grandparents made them for me. How awesome are they? Seriously!

We got some Rock Bottom (Sign Update: ROCK OTTOM) and I want to tell you the sliders are great on Gamedays. Shameless plug, if you haven’t gone to Rock Bottom, check it out, or check it out again. It’s got a great group of servers, great food, brews and management. Thanks Marco for the birthday present food. I love the Big Cuba Melt (you’ll find it on the menu as Little Havanna Melt, I have to be different) There several tappings coming up this week. Don’t miss them.

We headed down to the game, got to hang out with Rebecca, Rodger, Dave, Marie, Kevin and Nicole for a little tailgating. The game’s outcome wasn’t what I wanted. There are a fun group of people in Section 514. One woman’s thong was riding so far up I thought it was almost her bra. Thanks to the guys in the row below us for providing witty commentary.

During the night as Kevin slumbered on the couch, I got about 7 text messages and calls. Many of them about power. Having no power can be both scary and inconvenient. That’s why if you have a home phone, corded phones can be your friends. I hope the power is restored soon. It does give you an excuse though to be late for things. “My power was out!” Sometimes you just need days like these.

So here I am, sitting on my floor (I’m a big floor person) and thinking about the last year and all of the changes. That’s another blog. I looked forward to this week for weeks and I’m contently bored. There’s a strange phenonomen I experience I look at the clock a lot when it’s 9:20pm. That’s a special day… ‘tember 20! The countdown is on folks to the age of 36. It should be a good year. Hopefully one of the best, I’m ready to take it all on, sign me up, coach, sometimes it’s better not knowing what you’re getting yourself into and just going one step at a time. That’s my new motto, it’s good advice!

My Fruit Pizza

After everything that happened at Wal-Mart, this is the finished product. Yep, I made that. By the way, it’s delicious. It got rave reviews at the BBQ. Everyone wanted the recipe so here goes:

1 tube of Pillsbury’s sugar cookie dough
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup sugar
8 oz cream cheese
kiwi fruit
one can of mandarin oranges

Arrange slices of the cookie dough from the tube on a pizza pan so they touch one another. Cook that at the suggested temperature of 350 degrees for about 12-14 minutes or until brown.

Mix the vanilla, sugar and cream cheese together to make the topping, spread on the large cookie you have after it’s cooled a little then arrange the fruit to complete the pizza.

Folks, this isn’t hard. I can do it. The most intense part is cutting up all of the fruit. Again, I can even do it.

You’ll love it,

The Politics Of Life

I’m up, I can’t sleep. A friend called me and woke me from my beauty giving slumber. You know I can use all of it I can get. I don’t feel much like sleeping right now though. Friday wasn’t good for me. The past week wasn’t good for me. My life is a little out of control right now.

Friday night was a short one for me. I ate at Rock Ottom, big surprise and came right home and went to bed. I just wasn’t feeling things this evening. My friends were in different moods than I was and I wasn’t having it.

Saturday looks better. I have a BBQ and I’m making a Fruit Pizza. I can’t wait to taste it. Just like Mom makes, yum! Better yet, I can’t wait for some of my friends to try it. It’s a different circle of friends.

At any rate, we’ve been through the national conventions for both the Republicans and the Democrats. Now, people are starting to really take sides in this election. Since I’m part of the media, don’t expect to get my stance on everything on this blog. I think I’m good at keeping my opinions out of my writing at work as well. I have my own ideas about things but I don’t let them leak into my stories.

I’ve written something like this in the past about entertainers not getting political. If you’re a singer, sing. If you’re an actor, act. You get the picture. I just don’t like to get caught up in politics. Everyone feels strongly about what they believe and I’ve never been a great debater so I don’t like to argue about such things.

I love hearing about past Presidents and their accomplishments. Cleveland Bachelor will attest to that. I picked his brain for hours one night. CB, I’ll do it again too anytime you’re ready!

Partisan talk wears me down. I don’t like to get involved in such discussions. I don’t mind others talking about them. Just don’t be shocked if I wander away from the conversation if it involves Republicans vs. Democrats. I’d rather talk music, pop culture or why that woman over there is wearing a dress with a print was better left on the side of a zebra.

I haven’t claimed table 241 at Rock Ottom for nothing, it’s called people watching, folks!