Annoying Commercial

I’m annoyed everytime Tanya Roberts, the former Bond girl, comes on my radio.

No matter what radio station you tune to, you’re likely to hear her “pretend” interview with the show host, chatting it up about Consolidated Resorts. The host obviously has a script and she knows what they’re going to say before they say it. The worst part it even sounds that way to every listener, not just someone who’s in the business. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against commercials, they pay my salary. This commercial in particular just grates on me.

WTAM in Cleveland isn’t immune to the ads. Bob Frantz does one. I normally don’t even turn on the TV in the morning. I just turn on the radio and listen to him and the newscasts. I think of it as part of my preparations for work each day.

Even though I think Bob has a quality show, I shriek everytime I hear this canned commercial. Even Coast-To-Coast host George Noory isn’t above doing the interview with the raspy voice former Charlie’s Angels actress. I was going to mention that she sounds like she smokes a pack of cigarettes every day but I decided not to do so.

I also hate the Vermont Teddy Bear commercials that you can just will predict will start popping up on the radio near Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, Easter, Christmas or any other holiday. They’re also annoying.

One last thing, apparently Tanya Roberts isn’t the only star who’s pitching for Consolidated Resorts, you can also add Alan Thicke, David Faustino and comedian George Wallace to the list. Anything to pay the rent…

taawd In Paris

I did a little photoshopping to this picture. It’s one of the pictures from the European trip that I’ve put up in my new place. It’s tough to see but I’m in color in the rest of the picture is black and white.

The “Get To” Philosophy

If you want to brighten up your day and just realize how great the gift of life truly is, you need to read Regina Brett’s column from this Sunday’s Plain Dealer.

The article talks about how a cancer survivor named “Frank” dealt with his cancer treatments with the use of a magic hat. What I took away from the article was “Frank’s” philosophy on life. He doesn’t say “I have to go get groceries”. Now after his bout with cancer, he realizes he “gets to pick up groceries.” Frank’s outlook on life is one we should all try to incorporate into our own day-to-day dealings with what is thrown at us. We should take some joy in the fact we “get to” deal with everything, even when it’s not particularly something we don’t want to do.

Big Brother 9

Yeah, taawd’s favorite show is coming back. The Writers’ Strike probably prompted CBS to dust off the Big Brother House for a February 12th start to the next season of Big Brother.

Who will succeed Dick? Will I even like the new houseguests? We’ll see. The DVR is already set!

Tune in,

Scott Smith’s Comin’ To Cleveland

I’ve written about Scott’s music and his shows before. He’s coming back to the Cleveland area in February.

He’ll be at Flannery’s on Friday, February 1st with Joe Rohan from 9pm until 12:30am.

On Monday, he’ll be at The Euclid Tavern (with Vito!) from 8:00 – 11:00. The Euclid Tavern is located at 11629 Euclid Ave.

On Wednesday, February 6th, He’ll be at my favorite hangout, The Southside from 9pm until 12:00am. The Southside is located at 2207 w. 11th Street.

His songs are fun and he does great covers of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper to name a few. C’mon out and check him out one of the nights.

What Are You Doing Next Thursday?

Why not have a little fun and support a worthy charity downtown Cleveland? My friend, Luke, has been doing all sorts of concerts along with two other guys for several charities. You’ll find the following information in this post about his latest endeavour.
The Roots of American Music organization’s mission statement says “Roots of American Music is dedicated to ensuring that our diverse communities remain connected to the history and spirit of our country through preservation, performance and education using traditional American music.”
The event is at Flannery’s Pub which always has been a great place and a great neighborhood hang-out. Fun is guaranteed. Hope you can stop by!

Rock, pop, & traditional music of the 70s, 80s, and 90s by the Acoustic Trio:

JANUARY 24, 2008
5:30 – 10:00 pm

Located at the corner of East Prospect Avenue and East 4th Street
in downtown Cleveland’s historic East 4th neighborhood.

Your $25 donation includes unlimited appetizers and bottomless draft beers. Proceeds from the event support the Roots of American Music outreach education program. For advance purchase or to sponsor a table, please call (216) 321-9350 or email [email protected].