OSU Mauls Minnesota

No. 1 Ohio St. 44, Minnesota 0

That score says it all. OSU’s dominated Minnesota. There were a couple of fumbles {argh!} but even with the mistakes, Minnesota couldn’t get on the board.

Antonio Pittman rushed for touchdown for the Buckeyes. Chris Wells and Justin Zwick also put scores on the board.

Ohio State Alum, Jack Nicklaus, “dotted the “i” in the band’s signature, Script Ohio.

Oh, how everyone is waiting for the regular-season finale pitting OSU against that number 2 team from up north on November 18 at the horseshoe.


Midnight Money Madness

If you haven’t watched it, it’s too late! Midnight Money Madness was a call-in show on TBS that recently got cancelled or put on hiatus. It was my late night viewing after I got home from work.

I never called in or tried because it seemed scammy but the hosts on the show are awesome. The always beautiful and charming Jerilee Bonner, the ingenuitive comedic humor of Danny Seckel, and the sporadic warm-heartedness humor of Craig Jackson kept the show going.

The games they played were simple but people actually got them wrong. You can find a Wikipedia entry about the show by clicking here.

Classic Song Flashback – Money
(That’s What I Want) – Barrett Strong

A Sad Day…

One of the dearest couples I’ve ever known are no longer together, Martha Donahoo has passed away after a long illness. Del and Martha were sweethearts for more than 50 years. Both of them made everyone they knew feel like they were part of their family. Martha went everywhere Del did, making sure he had everything he needed for his television reports. She woke up early with him to make sure he had breakfast at 3:30am before he went to WKYC for work. But, unfortunately in the end, it was him that had to care for her. My heart breaks for Del and his loss. I first met Martha in person some 15 years ago when they traveled to Wooster for a personal appearance. A couple of city leaders gave Martha, Del, a cameraman, a me a tour of a couple downtown buildings for Del’s story. Martha never let me forget that time. I felt like I’ve knew Martha earlier because Del mentioned her so much on “Today in Cleveland” when I was growing up. We’d watch it while waiting for the school bus. Martha was a great lady and she will be missed by so many people.