My Memory

I’m officially getting old.

No, it’s not the fact that my hair is retreating from the crown of my head faster than Michael Phelps can swim.

No, it’s not because my get up and go, done got up and went.

No, it’s not because just looking at a baked potato can add a couple of pounds to my belly.

I know I’m getting old because my memory isn’t what it once was.

Now, before you advise me to opt for Alzheimer’s testing, I just can’t remember some of the people who I went to school with. I blame Facebook for making this fact clear to me. Of course, the site wants to suggest friends to me. A lot of the people it suggests went to high school around the same time I did but dang if I can’t recall half of them.

How do I know they’re the right people? The classmates who I do recall are mutual friends with them. It’s infuriating! The conspiracist in me thinks someone (or facebook) is making these people up and using stock photos of them. They’re so close to people who I would otherwise know. I never knew a “Richard” but I did know a “Rick”. Why would you go back to “Richard” when everyone knows you as “Rick” It’s confusing to me. Maybe this is all a game like the “Truman Show.”

I can recall being a kid and flipping through my mother’s yearbook and quizzing her on people. As I remember, she didn’t do half bad identifying some of the people but she couldn’t remember all of them. You know, it’s like being on Price Is Right and stopping just short of winning the Showcase Showdown. That sort of thing. I would always say “Mom, how can you forget someone who you went to school with?” She said “Just wait, you’ll see.” Mom, I see…

I also recently had a friendly argument with my sister about one former classmate’s identity. I don’t know why I questioned her, she’s like a living, walking diary of our childhood. I swear she could tell you what I was wearing on October 15, 1988. I’m sure it was cool, by the way. I got the last name confused with another guy with the same first name. Oh, I’m a genius alright and I’m sure my sister took a little stock (albeit GM) in knowing she was right.

I’m not happy having the problem of not remembering people. It just ain’t right. I mean c’mon, I’m not that old but the memory isn’t as sharp, OR maybe it’s just that I have so much MORE to remember. Yeah, that’s the ticket! But in this dome, you’d think I’d still have plenty of space left. It’s kinda like forgetting phone numbers, isn’t that what your cell phone is for? It’s like having a spare hard drive off your main computer. It doesn’t keep the brain on its toes though.

I blame cell phones. I blame Facebook. Of course, I don’t blame me…

Am I Blogworthy?

I’m becoming a real blogging loser.

I used to write a blog about every day, now, not so much.

I have a wealth of topics I want to blog about, it’s just getting them down on paper (ahem, the Internet)

So, in the spirit of getting back into the spirit of posting, I have some exciting news. Well, it’s exciting news for me.

I tossed out my e-mail to get invited by Google for their new “Voice” internet service. It boasts calling one number for everything. I got a vanity number which I’m not going to post here, right now. I’ll be checking it out and seeing how it works.

Soon, you’ll have an easy to remember number where you can call me. Long distance isn’t a concern anymore right? Don’t worry, it’s not from China or anything.

Have a great day!

New Challenges

I’m experiencing a whole new world of life. I always figured I could be a handy kinda guy. But I’m finding out I’m not as handy as I thought.

Let’s start with grass. It gets water and sun and it grows. You fertilize it, it grows greener and faster. Well, that is if you don’t apply too much of the stuff. Yep, I worked on a golf course and you’d have thought some of the knowledge would have sunken in. It did, I thought, I think. The problem was I couldn’t find the setting on the spreader. So I laid the fertilizer down, boy did I! Thankfully, the grass didn’t burn as bad as it could have been. My gf was very forgiving but I’ve spent some of the summer reseeding and watering. I’m happy to report most of the grass is back.

Running cable through a house shouldn’t be a problem but when you have to fish it around, it ain’t so easy. You can toss away a day and a half on that project. I can’t tell you how happy you can get seeing a coaxial cable coming your way after about two hours of fishing. I’m not talking about the kind where you find animal that spend their lives in water either.

There are also some electric projects, I don’t dabble in that too much, I leave that up to the people who know more than me. I do know that circuit breakers are your friends, make sure they’re turned off and you’ve tested something in the outlet before you start messing around with the wires.

Oh, there’s hanging a door. It wasn’t that difficult but here’s a word to the wise, don’t just go by the instructions. They only work in perfect conditions. By the way, those perfect conditions don’t exist. Use instructions and templates only as guides, not absolutes.

There’s also painting and putting in door knobs, etc. Minor frustrations along the way. I don’t know what’s going to do next but I enjoy getting the knowledge from the job along the way. I just have to resist the temptation to rip up the directions and throw things along the way.

Whatever… time for tennis! Go Federer!