Camera Broke, Camera Fixed!

Imagine my concern when I dropped my digital camera. You know they’re not cheap. Of course, I have to have the clumsiness over barefloors and not carpet. The impact broke the battery compartment door. There’s a little plastic part on the door that meets with the camera’s body to lock the batteries in and that part broke. It’s not the best design from Olympus in the first place.

I immediately called the company to see what the cost would be. They said standard repairs cost $29.00 and that I’d have to ship the camera to them. I didn’t want to do this because the camera still worked but the door didn’t stay all the way shut. They didn’t want to sell me that part so I could do the repair myself. I’m a good taker-aparter and putter-back togetherer and was confident I wouldn’t break the thing.

So I searched online to see if someone did offer that part, enter, I was cautious going in because I’m not excited about doing business online with companies that I don’t know. Yes, Wal-Mart and Target, you’re safe, you’ll still get my money. I paid for the part which was several cents cheaper than Olympus’ repair costs and I didn’t have to ship off my camera. The part arrived in days (yesterday, in fact) and I took my camera apart, replaced the compartment door and it’s as good as new again.

If you’re looking for a single part for your camera, I’d have no problem recommending that website. They even posted my customer satifaction comment on their page. I hope you don’t have to use that website, but if you do, go for it. Just be careful with your camera, no bobbling!