Sayōnara Sanjaya

Finally, America made the right decision and sent Sanjaya packing. Now the competition, what’s left of it can begin. There, I’ve said my peace.

Idol Chatter…

Quick post on American Idol…

Enough with the Sanjaya craziness. Last night was terrible. He tries but he’s no match for the other people in the competition. Stop sending what little of the talented people there are on this show this year home, America!

American Idol (and there were 10…)

First, I, like everyone else, want to know the mystique that surrounds Sanjaya. That’s a post for another day…

Movin’ on, the hilight of the night wasn’t Brad Garrett sitting with all of the contestants. It was Lulu. Talk about bringing an old hit and making it relevant today. She’s two years old than my mother and looked fabulous last night. She also had the entire crowd on their feet. She also has a myspace page. That’s keeping up with today’s generation. I’m sure her performance is on if you didn’t see last night’s show, try to google it .

Also, I don’t feel pervy saying this because Haley Scarnato is 24 years old and because Simon mentioned the same thing but Haley worked it out the other night. So enough with that. I still don’t think this season lives up to seasons past. We’ll see who makes it to the top 6, then we’ll have a discussion about whether American Idol is approaching the mark of jumping the shark.

CD Ripping Update: I’m up to “Millenium Funk Party” now.

See, I Told You So…

You don’t have to look back through my blog too far to see my view about this season of “American Idol”. Yesterday, I came across this AP story with my same thoughts. The buzz surrounding “Idol” this season is more like a hum. Check out a little excerpt from the AP story.

No thrills — so far — from “Idol’s”
By Erin Carlson
The Associated Press

NEW YORK — Blah.
If any word were to sum up this year’s mostly bland and sometimes unwatchable batch of “American Idol” contestants, that’d be it.

Sure, there are some standouts — sweet-natured former backup singer Melinda Doolittle, big-voiced belter LaKisha Jones and cocksure beatboxer Blake Lewis are shoo-ins to face off in the weeks before the Fox talent show’s big May finale. Each are confident, worthy performers — yet they don’t leave you wanting more.

“It’s a very hard season I think, at this point, to pinpoint who has the ‘it’ factor,” said Michael Slezak, who blogs about the show for Entertainment Weekly magazine’s Web site. “Which is strange, because usually by this point in the ‘Idol’ season, you could say: ‘Fantasia has IT. Carrie Underwood has IT. Chris Daughtry has IT.'”

“I can hope that the guys get better and better each week,” Seacrest said recently. “We are so early in the season and in the series, you also don’t want to be somebody [who] peaks too soon. You want to make sure you’re good enough to stay in, but you’re building with each week, so the audience gets behind you.”

In other words: Don’t write off this crop of contenders just yet. After all, the top 12 finalists have yet to be announced.

So what do you think? Are we right or are we just being too tough on these American Idol hopefuls?

American Idol

Okay, I’m not impressed with this season. There is no stand-out, no “it” guy or gal. Antonella Barba has the looks, but she didn’t carry her tune Wednesday night. Lakisha Jones did an remarkable job on Jennifer Hudson’s song from “Dreamgirls” but will audiences buy into her? Melinda Doolittle rocked the place but she doesn’t have that “it” factor. Jared Cotter will no doubt make the girls swoon but he didn’t deliver Tuesday night. Simon said the girls would love Chris Richardson but he didn’t impress me much either. Where are the Kellie Pickler’s, the Ace Young’s, the Mikalah Gordon’s, the Bo Bice’s… you know I could go on and on. Right now, I’m not getting the star appeal from any of these Idol contestants.

Also, I’m tired of Randy always “trying to keep it real” with the contestants. Randy, just say what you want and move on. There’s always the struggle, you know what you want tell them. Lighten up a little. We know Paula’s going to be the encouraging coach, Simon’s gonna be the “kick your butt” motivator but you are always struggling.

These kids don’t have an zingers for Simon either. Chris Sligh has a couple but he’s not going to carry the show. One of the contestants, Antonella Barba, almost fell apart on stage. “What would you ask the judges now?” Ryan asks her. “What else can I do?” she meekly asks the judges. I forgive the nerves but this is Hollywood!

Overall, the show just lacks energy of last season or the one before. Let’s hope dumping four of these contestants will give the show back some of its zing!