Monday TV on Tuesday

Talk about a wonder-what-to-do situation…

I love CBS Monday night comedies. Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two & A Half Men. There’s a new show but I didn’t DVR it so… I’ll have to catch the repeat or watch it online.

Here’s the problem, Heroes (insert geek comment here) is back on and my DVR isn’t set to record it. It will be, believe me! I’m going to have to watch it online instead of on the HDTV.

I just watched Big Bang Theory and I think they’re going to have another great season. I didn’t even think it would last one season.

I’m watching How I Met Your Mother now and it’s just as good as last season too.

Sleep awaits me right now so I won’t get to see Heroes or Two & A Half Men. I love watching these shows (the comedies) with other people or at least hear their opinions.

I just need some time to actually enjoy the new season of prime time. By the way, the e*trade commercial with the baby talking is hilarious. I think I’d underestimate the creepiness of a clown too.

CBS Monday Night Comedies

I don’t do drama, I’ve always been a sitcom kinda guy. Give me a traditional half-hour comedy and I’m watching it. I’ve never been hooked on “The Office”, I haven’t watched “Lost”, can’t seem to get “Grey’s Anatomy” and reality shows, for the most part, don’t hold my attention. American Idol and Big Brother are probably the only hold-outs. The traditional half-hour sitcom I talk about doesn’t exist much anymore. That’s why I love Monday nights on CBS. I’m a big fan of three of the four shows. To be fair, I haven’t given “Rules Of Engagement” much of a chance.

I was skeptical of “The Big Bang Theory” at the start. The Barenaked Ladies, one of my favorite bands, does the show’s open. It’s actually a song much like the sitcoms I watched growing up. The show’s finale aired Monday on CBS. What everyone wanted to happen did at the conclusion of the show. Leonard and Penny kiss just before the credits hit. You have to wonder what the date is going to be like but we’re going to have to wait until next season to find out. The show is well written and has a lot of great moments. The cast works fluidly as an ensemble with everyone getting their occasional jokes. I didn’t know where this show could go from the start, but I’m glad it has.

“How I Met Your Mother” had a great cliffhanger. It left you wondering about what’s going to happen next season. You learn that Barney may be in love with Robin. That was a definite surprise. Ted also proposed to Stella after their break-up, then reconciliation, then break-up then reconciliation. What will she say and isn’t Sara Chalke part of the “Scrubs” cast? That show is moving to ABC for its last season from NBC.

Finally, “Two and a Half Men” continues to provide great laughs but I didn’t think there was too much of a great cliffhanger to the show. It just kind of ended.

I have to say I’m happy to see “Password” is coming back. Something the tube is also missing is the classic game show. Forget “Deal Or No Deal” and the rest of these new competitions. Most people did because few of them have lasted. It’s cool that eighty-something year old Betty White will be on the show. A cool summer fill-in series for sure!

Monday TV Mash-Up

Since I’ve only been home for about an hour and a half, I can’t give you too much information about my favorite Monday TV shows that range from NBC to CBS to Showtime. Thank God for the dual tuner and DVR.

Let’s start with “Heroes”. I can’t think of too much new to say about this incredible series. It’s well written and keeps everyone guessing what will happen next. Tonight, we got to find out more about Matthew Parker’s dad, who Molly calls “the boogeyman”. We quickly found out he’s not a nice person. We also find out more about Peter and him regaining his memory. He’s also being stalked by a woman with electric powers who fried Peter’s girlfriend’s brother at the pub. Next Monday promises to be just as good as the producers claim more questions will be answered.

Next, “The Big Bang Theory” – Leonard gets lucky with a fellow scientist, Leslie. She’s played by Sara Gilbert, Johnny Galecki‘s love interest in “Roseanne”. The interesting thing about this show is it’s the first time that Penny (Kaley Cuoco) appears interested in Leonard. She also smiles whens she walks away after hearing there isn’t probably a future with Leslie. This continues to be a good show.