Anyone For A Game Of Euchre?

The card game has long been a tradition in our family. As far back as I can remember, it’s been something my mother’s father’s family has played. I was intrigued by the game when I was very little because all of the adults would sit up until the wee hours of the morning and play.

When we were little, we’d have our own table and play the game. It wasn’t until one of the grown-ups got tired were we able to play. The more you played at the adult table the more you might have a chance to sit in a couple of hands.

My dad is a keen player. He’ll sense you have a loner hand and call something to get euchered instead of allowing you to get the four points. He and my mother love to play the game. My mother is hilarious and may occasionally trump his ace and you’ll hear an exclamation come out of his mouth.

My great-grandmother would play marathon games with her friends or “the girls” as she would call them. They’d never use cards to keep score. They’d keep score using the old four straight lines and one diagonal line to denote five points. They’d fill up an 8″x10″ with all of their games. My great grandmother and about five other women would play and switch out to get some zzz’s when they’d need them. They’d never stop until Sunday morning.

My problem is just finding people who know the rules because it’s not exactly a game that has simple rules.

I love the game, who wants some cheesecake?