The Great Flu Shot Debate

Every year it’s a question, do you get a flu shot or not? Some people believe in them 100%, others say they never get the flu, so they don’t get the shot and others think it’ll just make them sick anyhow.

When I was in South Texas, I struggled with the flu for more than a week. It was the kind of flu where you couldn’t get out of bed. You crawled to the bathroom, did your business and then repeated the crawl back to bed exhausted. I do not want to ever repeat that so I get the shot.

Last year, we got the vaccine for free at work. We don’t have an HR person so apparently we’re not getting them this year the same way. It’s okay because when I was at the doctor’s office earlier this week, I went ahead and had them poke me. Kudos to the nurse because she did it before I even noticed. I don’t have a fear of needles or anything but just like everyone else out there I don’t have a propensity toward them either.

My arm is a little sore still but that could be because one of my co-workers decided to land a chuckle punch on the arm less than an hour after I got the shot. I don’t place any blame, he didn’t know.

Here’s to a flu-free season. Did you get your flu shot?