I managed to take a lot of my vacation this month. I didn’t realize how much I would actually need it when I asked for it off. I’m just about finished getting my place ready for the move east to downtown Cleveland. Things are boxed up and only the essentials are accessible.

It’s my Christmas present to myself. It feels a lot like December 20th will be the big day for me. I’ll end up at Target that evening getting a TV stand and maybe a couple other things but it’s like that day can’t come soon enough for me. I’ll have pictures up during the big move and of the new place here on the blog. It’s going to be great.

I had a total sports weekend. My friend, Katie, asked me to the Cavs game. They lost but the seats were great and it was great hanging out with her and my other friend, Kevin. Things worked out that we were all able to sit together. Enough said on that subject. We braved the weather getting there and didn’t have to worry too much about the drive home. Thanks Katie for the ticket!

Kevin and I braved the weather today and went to the Browns game. They WON and on any other day, they wouldn’t have been the most preferable seats in the stadium but today, they were just the right ones. We were in the upper bowl and had a roof over our heads. It sheilded us from the snow for the most part. We still got socked by the wind and some of the snow it kicked around but I can’t complain one bit. It was a great game and Phil Dawson knocked another miracle kick through the uprights. Odd score: Buffalo 0, Cleveland 8. That’s the first time that score has hit since 1929. Thanks Kevin for the ticket. It’s great hanging out with him and I’m not just saying that because he reads this blog. He’s been a great friend for more than 30 years.

The countdown to the move? 4 days