Migraines, Meet-Ups & Machine Mayhem

First, I successfully kicked the butt of a migraine. I went into work this morning, suffered through the night with a light sensitive, noise avoiding, low-tolerance head knocking pain. I managed it through the morning newscast but I couldn’t take it anymore so I had to head home. After a few drugs and forced hours of sleep later, I am happy to say it’s gone but I still have that numb feeling going on.

After reading some of my fellow Cleveland bloggers (you can check them out, most are listed on the side of the page) I have to admit a little jealousy that these cool people are meeting up and I haven’t been invited lucky enough to attend one of their little conventions. I hope that will change. Alexa should get the ball rolling for a informal/formal meeting of all of us. It’s just a nomination, no pressure.

Finally, I took a trip to Micro Center yesterday and got a bunch of new components to put together a new computer. I have a lot of good stuff from an old machine, so it wasn’t that expensive. The good news is, it’s fast!! The bad news is, it freezes up and that means slow! There are a bunch of things that may not be correct with the setup. My neighbor, who hooked the thing up for me, is out of town for two days so I’m just going to have to wait until he gets back to get the thing working. Please say a little computer prayer or keep me in your computer thoughts because this sort of thing drives me batty. I’ll obsess about it until the thing works right. I conquered the migraine, I’ll claim victory over it too!