Now This Makes Me Downright Mad!

You’ve read my article about the new businesses coming to my building. 2020 Martini Cafe Lounge, the Mocha Fusion Coffee Lounge and Market on the Square will all open Friday for business.

The owner, Twyla Garrett’s success story is one any Clevelander or anyone from Northeast Ohio should be proud of.

Just today, Kimberly Gill interviewed her on NewsChannel 5 at Noon. This morning, the Plain Dealer featured her new business and story in the Business section.

This is where my anger comes into play. Read the article and then continue down the page and browse through the comments. One of them you’ll read is from me. I’ve never posted on before but I couldn’t help but put my two cents in on this subject. Brad, I hope you’ll weigh in on the subject as well with your comments. The same request goes for anyone else who’d like to banish the negativity that some people spread around Cleveland.

So what do we have to do to get rid of this sort of problem, support the people who work to change Cleveland with their money, intelligence and sweat. The entertainment complex opens in the old Cantina del Rio this Friday night at 7pm. Stop by and at least have a coffee!