Let’s Talk Sports

More specifically, let’s talk Olympics.

The talk around work seems to center around the 2008 Summer Games. I don’t know how many different sports you can watch in one day. Today, so far, it’s been volleyball, beach volleyball, weightlifting (the sport that includes the snatch and clean & jerk, Mel, there’s a blog post there for you I’m sure) and finally tennis. {edit: I wanted to include a theory by Chris H. He’s long asserted something isn’t a sport unless it involves balls. This is why I originally italicized the world sport.}

I’m watching Lleyton Hewitt (Go Aussie! A shout-out to brissiemum2) take on Rafael Nadal. By the way, the Spaniard will move up and replace my boy, Roger Federer, at the top of the ranks. {fast forward} I just got back from a bike ride to Steelyard Commons and now Roger Federer is struggling against Rafael Arevalo of El Salvador, ranked 447th in the world. I cheated and found out he won. By the way, if you’re watching the Olympics, you may not know that a lot of the commentators are not actually in Beijing but back in the NBC studios in New York. You have to listen carefully to the audio at the beginning.

The Olympics are addicting. At least to me, I know I’m not alone in this camp. I think Americans are losing a lot of sleep.