I came home this morning after an appointment and collapsed. I was exhaused! I wanted to post an entry, catch up on some e-mail but kept dozing off. I will NOT admit on this blog that my head actually hit my laptop twice before I gave up and went to sleep.

My body loves to let me have four hours of sleep before it’s time for Timer. (If you don’t remember how annoying that commercial was on Saturday mornings, check out the link. That’s how I feel when I get up in the afternoon.)

I was supposed to work dayside tomorrow but that’s changed. I’m working mornings and keeping the morning show on the road. The switch to the switch suits me just fine. It also allows me to do a couple of things this week that I wouldn’t get to accomplish working days.

Motorola needs to get me my wireless bluetooth headset replacement. I expect its arrival any day and I want it badly for my workouts. I’m been bad this week but I’m going soon to work the stress away.

Repeat Message Alert:
I don’t know how anyone can say there’s nothing to do in Cleveland.

Tomorrow night, they’re having a taping of a new beer at Rock Bottom. I’m part of the Mug Club so I get the invite to come for dinner. I think I’m going to do that. By the way, I again want to say how good the food is at Rock Bottom. The service is good too, especially when certain servers are working.

Friday, it’s Gavin DeGraw and Marie Digby and Scott Smith.

Saturday, I volunteer at my non-profit, I can’t wait. There’s also Luau on the Lake which seems like a good time. I think I get good karma points for helping two non-profits in one day.

Sunday, taawd will rest.

Moving downtown was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You can’t help but get sucked into the life of the city.