James Shocked… He’s Evicted!

James is gone and I couldn’t be happier. He played everyone against everyone else. He lied like crazy and double crossed Season Six. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Jury House when he gets there. Marci made it perfectly clear to Howie that he’s not happy he’s sharing the home with him. We’ll see what happens when James arrives.

Now, Erika is the HOH. Chill Town thinks it’s safe but it is? Is Erika just playing Booger for the sap he is or is she really falling for him? Danielle is already campaigning for Erika to put both Chill Town dudes up on the block. I don’t think that’s going to happen though. I think Janelle is a target along with possibly Chicken George and Will. It’s gonna be a heck of a week with a double eviction episode coming up on Thursday night. The net feeders are going crazy logging all of the action going on inside the BB7 house. Who will win POV and will they exercise that power? Stay Tuned!

Janelle is perfectly playing this game. At least, she’s perfectly playing Will. She almost even has Booger fooled.

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Hurricane Howie Gone

Hurricane Howie is gone from the house! He was backdoored and that’s wrong! He didn’t deserve to go that way. Now, it’s “game on” for Janelle. She’s forming an alliance with Chicken George, she’s playing sad for Chilltown and she’s winning the power of veto. Look out you never know what else she’s got in that Gucci bag of tricks of hers!

You can expect lies, doublecrosses and out and out evilness in this house.

Janelle needs to win HOH this week just to stay alive because who knows how much long Chilltown is going to “allow” her to stay in the house.

James was nothing but a whiner in Tuesday night’s episode. He was beat fair and square by a girl. Suck it up, James, you’re not as good of a player as you think you are! It’s not fun being played is it?

So we can only wait and see what happens next. Predictions? I’m not that silly to try to predict this game.

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Big Brother Boogie!

Marci’s out! Whoohoo! I was so tired of his whining I couldn’t stand watching. Unfortunately, he’s a member of the jury.

Boogie’s got the Coup d’etat power but he’s sheepishly not using it yet.

Who knew? Chicken George wins an HOH competition. So everyone, he wasn’t a threat? He couldn’t win an HOH? Some people are eating crow instead of Chicken now! He’s not my favorite player of the game. Heck, sometimes I get downright tired of his hillbilly antics but as he says “you are expected to expect the unexpected”. Nice CG!?

James and Erika are up on the block. CG didn’t take anytime making that decision. He knows about the LOD alliance and he’s trying to break it up. Just read any of the Internet feeders blogs and they’ll tell you all of the players catch CG listening in on their conversations.

Janie and Howie are thankfully safe for now. Will, Boogie and Danielle are also in the clear but things change fast this season in the BB7 house.

If you want to get some more behind the scenes scoop, check out http://www.sirlinksalot.net/bigbrother7.html for links to all sort of Internet feeders.

But don’t forget to come back her for my commentary!

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Twists, Technicalities & Threats

Well, well, well… Boogie and Erika an item? Big Brother’s producers would have you believe that twist exists. Will appearently says on the feeds that the Boogie Man and Erika have been dating for a while. We’ll see as the season progresses.

I knew about the replay of the HOH game because of the fine folks who watch the 24/7 feeds. Those technical problems changed the game. I also know that Boogie gets the Coup d’Etat power but will he use that power or just let Janelle’s nominations of Erika and Danielle stand? Here’s more food for thought to snack on… Danielle threated Janelle and apparently has followed up by winning the POV this week.

Janelle is a power player but Danielle ain’t going without a fight. Evict Marcellas, I’m so tired of him. At some point, someone is gonna have to vote out Chilltown. Will, Boogie and now Erika are dangerous! Don’t forget about Chicken George and James the complainer! I hope Howie gets to stick around for a while though!

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Happy Birthday, Blog!!

Not much of an update but my blog is 1 year old… Isn’t it cute?!

I’ve been posting more regularly now.

My goal this year for the little blog is to post more than once every month.

I didn’t even get blogs sometimes during it’s inaugural year on each month.

Here’s to year two

Thanks for checkin’ in!

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Houseguest Update

Ah yes, the summer reality shows. There is just one that I care about Big Brother: All-Stars. Here’s an update to the show. If you’re a true fan, you already know this but Diane got kicked out two weeks ago and Kaysar got backdoored. It’s not a sex act. It happens when someone wins the power of veto and takes themselves off the block. The Head of Household has to nominate another houseguest to replace them. It sucks because Kaysar was a good player who wasn’t simply lying to everyone. I don’t really care about Diane because all she did was whine all of the time and believe me that gets old… quick!

Now, Erika is the current HOH and it will be interesting to see if she further picks apart Season 6. There’s not much left of that alliance. Howie and Janelle are really all that’s left. James has vowed to take Janelle out. Boogie and Will are aligned tight as can be. Danielle, Marci and Chicken George are hanging tight too. We’ll see what happens this week and Big Brother is talking about the Coup d’etat power. It could dramatically change what happens this season.

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Stan Hywet Hall

Today, I got to attend the wedding of my friend, Dave, and his wife, Sherri. It was a beautiful ceremony on a gorgeous day. Congratulations to the new couple.

Big Brother Hijinx

What is going in the Big Brother house? Janelle is aligning herself with Dr. Will and Booger (aka Chilltown). The Season 6 alliance is going to pot. Janelle is listening to everyone and she’s fouling up her chances of survival.

Kaysar is a sleepwalker. He seems to be all but dropping out of the game. Howie follows anyone who will lead him. James is just peeved at the world and realigning himself with a floater.

Diane and Erika are up on the block. This week could severly shift the balance of power inside the house.

Meanwhile, Chicken George can’t get rid of his bad case of gas.

Oh, and Janie, kick the habit! It’s gross and unattractive!!

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