What’s In A Name

Before I get to the main story, I have a funny aside. My name is Todd, it has been my entire life but for some reason people think it’s Scott. It started, as I remember, back in kindergarten when my teacher constantly called me Scott. I didn’t have a friend with that name but for some reason she passed that confusion on to people who would come in contact with me for the rest of my life. High school teachers, college professors, bosses, co-workers… Del Donahoo still only refers to me as Scott solely.

Today on a whim, I asked my mother where she got Todd from. She said “It went with Tonya”. For those of you doing the math, that’s my younger sister. I said “But I came first!” But that didn’t matter to my mother, she’d met a little girl when she was a teenager named Tonya and decided if she ever had a girl she’d name her Tonya. So instead of my parents naming me first and then deciding on my younger sibling’s name, it was the opposite. It’s the things you learn when you only ask the correct questions.

Who were you named after?