Cleveland Construction

I really am getting fed up with the overnight construction on the Innerbelt. I’ve been late to work each night because I have to go to East 55th Street and double back to E.30th and Euclid.

It’s not fun going through that area at the time I head into work. There are stoplights every block and of course, I obey all of the red lights and don’t simply treat them as suggestions after looking both ways.

The worst part is there’s no rhyme or reason to when the crews are out on the job. If I knew each night then I’d take downtown streets to work.

I’m not saying I don’t feel safe. I see at least one police car on my way to work every night.

The first night, I took East 55th Street and followed the advice of my GPS to what I thought was my place of employment but it wanted to take me W. 30th. After I caught the error, I corrected it even though the GPS argued with me about the address.

The next night, I relied on my own knowledge of downtown Cleveland to get me to work. It still added extra time.

This morning after no construction detours, I saw the orange barrels again but this time I detoured to South Marginal and took a couple of extra minutes off of my delay.

I hope the construction is over soon because it’s causing me all sorts of headaches and frustration.