Twilight at the Zoo

This is owl is 12 years old. I wish I could remember what kind of owl the handler said it was. I know that it’s lived its entire life at the zoo. Apparently when it was born it couldn’t take care of itself. These kinds of owls don’t live more than 7 years in the wild because other animals eat them because of their size. This one, I’d say, enjoys a good life at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

This is an African Hedgehog. I want to say this is a female. It has the cutest face. I want one but the handler said I couldn’t take it with me. I was bummed. The quills on it feel like someone’s hair who applied too much gel and hairspray. You want to make sure you go with the grain and not against it. When too many people got near, it tried to curl up in a ball. Go Sonic!

The paparazzi was out at the Zoo, nope, that’s just Skippy. He must have filled up his memory card with all of the pictures he took. By the way, I want some of them. Get on that Rebecca!

Rebecca striking a pose while Tim Richards pulls a winning number. The Zoo gave away some great prizes. It seemed like Becca & Tim rehearsed their schick but it’s just them being them. So funny!

Now, it’s Becca’s turn to pull a winning ticket. Lisa from the Zoo is part of this shot.

I don’t have a picture of it but the funniest thing happened when they pulled the grand prize winning ticket. The first winner didn’t claim their prize (you needed to be present to win) so this guy next to me yells out “Pull another one!”. Tim read off the numbers to the ticket and it was that guy’s ticket. He won an all-expense paid trip to somewhere. I didn’t listen that closely because I didn’t have a ticket because I couldn’t win anyway.

The crowd at the VIP event before the doors opened to the public. The Zoo really knows how to throw a great fundraiser.

It’s off to the Schorle Family reunion then Krusty’s, ah, rest tomorrow!