Can You Believe?

Can you believe it’s already Hurricane Season again and there’s already a storm brewing in the tropics? If you can’t take a look here! Yep, that’s a tropical depression churning up in the Gulf. And I’m happy as hell I’m back in Ohio and not having to worry about whether the storm is headed toward Texas and concerned about every tropical wave that develops. But it looks like everyone needs to stay alert and hanker down for another interesting year.

Also, I’m watching a repeat of SNL tonight and notice how much Neil Young is starting to look like Don Imus. If you don’t believe it, check out the pictures to the left. The picture of Neil Young isn’t that recent but you get my drift. Can you believe they’re starting to look like the same person?

Now, I’m watching the Dixie Chicks on Howard Stern and they’re talking about the war, the President and of course, Howard can’t keep off of the subject of sex. Can you believe he just got one of them to admit they were part of a ménage à trois. But I digress, here’s my beef with the Chicks. Just sing for crying out loud! You do that well and you have great songs. I don’t care what you think about the war and President Bush.

Classic Song Flashback: Long Time Gone – The Dixie Chicks

Thursday Thoughts

TNT starts Charmed again today with Season 1, gone is Rose McGowan, back is Shannen Doherty. I don’t know if I’m excited to relive the beginning seasons because I picked it around Season 6. But we’ll see if I get hooked. I want Season 8 on DVD so I can finish out the series.

More importantly, I hope you saw E!’s The Simple Life this past Sunday. My friend, Mark Nolan’s brother and his sister-in-law along with their daughter were in the series premiere. It was hilarious seeing someone you know interacting with the stars!

I just sat through Larry King at San Quentin and it was an intense program but eye-opening about life behind bars. I NEVER want to go there.

Hey, a shout out to my peeps in the bible belt of Michigan. Bruce and Jennie! Two of the best, most hiliarious and down-to-earth people I’ve ever had the experience to meet in my life. Here’s a picture from Bruce’s blog…

Aren’t they cute? I got the chance to be in their wedding. I’m going to return the favorite whenever I get hitched. By the way Bruce, I have Natasha Bedingfield singing “This Love” by Maroon 5. Good cover, you’ll like it. We didn’t finalize plans for you two to get down here.

I’m tired and going to bed soon. But if I didn’t update my blog soon, Jenny was going to come down here and beat me up personally, so I decided I’d update it.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out the “Evolution of Dance” on, you have to see it. It’s funny and well worth 6 minutes of your life. People over the age of 30 will particularly get a kick out of it.

It’s 1:07 in the morning and time for me to signoff for now but Jennie, I will try to be better about publishing a blog more regularly.

Classic Song Flashback – Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band