When Am I Supposed To Sleep?

We’ve had a little management shake-up at work so I’m helping out on the morning newscast every morning. I’m going from someone who works nightside (or second shift) to someone who works overnights (third shift). My body’s going to be out of whack for the next couple of weeks.

I’m basically going back to basics. I really started out producing in television on the morning show at WKYC. I love morning shows but hate the hours, I mean hate them. Sure, there’s the whole 10am Friday morning you’re done concept but being up when everyone else is asleep is a little strange.

I have to apologize for so much picture blogging and not enough “blogging” posts. We’ve been so busy at work with the recent departures of several key co-workers. With the primary last week and the snowstorm this weekend, I think I logged almost 60 hours last week at work. mom2amara probably had even more but she’s a lot tougher than I am.

Hopefully things will calm down a little this week. Let’s not have any flooding or major news stories that will warrant continuing coverage or special newscasts. Let’s just take it easy for a bit. I need the rest and I’m not the only person!

By the way, I helped push about 5 cars out of snow drifts this weekend. I’ll have the video to prove it coming up this week.

Have a great one,

Winter’s Revenge

I have to admit I moved back to Ohio to experience this but NOT IN APRIL! Yes, I’m getting cabin fever and long for the days when you can be outside in shorts and get a good run outside without having to get on the treadmill. The Indians almost got their home opener in yesterday (Thanks, Grover for the discussion with the umpires!) Today, they cancelled their double header with Seattle. Mother Nature gave us a good taste of Spring with a record breaking high last week and then the bottom dropped out. I am ready for another season. That is why I’m happy I’m back in Ohio. No two weeks of winter or one week of spring and fall. Just give me Spring. By the way, I don’t think the saying goes, April SNOW showers brings May flowers…