Target Black Friday Ad

My friends at Target now want me to see all of the great deals they have to offer on Black Friday. So if they didn’t treat you with the same respect, you can just click here to see the ad.

No offense Target but I didn’t see any deal that I thought was a steal of a deal. See what you think!

Best Buy Black Friday Ad

Best Buy has released its Black Friday deals. I’m part of the “Reward Zone” so apparently that gives me the opportunity to see the ad early.

If you’re looking for an advanced look at the circular, click on the ad link above and check it out for yourself. Just don’t buy up all of the things I want.

I posted page one to the left but there are eleven more pages and door prizes as well.

By no means is this a taawd’s thoughts exclusive. As mentioned in another post, you can find websites that had them before I got this e-mail tonight.