On Being A Vampire

This overnight schedule that I’m working is really starting to mess with my head. It’s not as easy for me to swing my body clock around like it once was. I think I got a whole four hours of sleep today and I’m hoping to get about two more before I get into work this morning.

It’s also really playing with my emotions. I’m cranky, short and sensitive. I feel like I’m Clint Eastwood. “Go ahead punk, make my day!”

Today was a particularly difficult day because a lot of people called off sick and we had to make the day work without them. As I said before, I’m pulling double duty at work and there’s a lot on my plate right now. I do have to admit though I like the new challenge but I’m not so keen on the hours I’m working right now.

Somebody once used to joke with me when I worked the overnight hours earlier in my career that I was a vampire. I feel like I’m one again but this time I get to function a little during the day. Working 3am until 12pm isn’t the most desirable shift but it does give me a little time to get things done. I got to go to the bank today and get some milk. I didn’t, however, have time to get my hair cut and that needs to happen. I’m starting to look like Shaggy. I’m not talking about the rap artist either.

I’m resisting the temptation to take Tylenol PM. I got addicted to it back when I worked overnights in the past. It does the trick but I don’t like the feeling the day after. I can’t wait for this weekend so that I have a little time to get a good amount of sleep. I wish today was Friday.

Happy hump day tho,