Thanksgiving Memories

You couldn’t live in my mother’s house without the smell of turkey wafting through the air. It would literally wake you out of bed. You wanna talk stuffing, you have to try some of my mom’s. Stouffer’s ain’t got nothing on her. It’s homemade and is so good, it’s almost sweet to the taste.

My mother always makes the turkey for the family. She’s mastered it over the years. You can count on it being juicy and golden. I’m thankful for her skills in the kitchen. She comes from a long line of great cooks and bakers. I’m sorta trying to keep up that tradition by stealing recipes from her when I can and then trying them out. Maybe I’m writing all about food because I haven’t had breakfast yet this morning.

At any rate, after getting up out of bed, I plopped down in front of the TV to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I would often fall asleep during what I call the “showtunes” portion of the parade. I have no real desire to ever to go New York City but I have always wanted to see the parade in person. Maybe that will be possible someday. My sister and I would sit and watch the entire parade until my mom and dad got on us to get ready. We’d end up going to my maternal grandmother’s side of the family a lot. My maternal grandfather’s side was all about Christmas. I don’t ever remember them hosting a Thanksgiving get-together.

We’d, inevitably, rush around the house to get showered and together for the day. We’d take a trip to great grandma Buckingham’s house for lunch/dinner. It was always a blast. My great aunt, Marsha, would always entertain everyone with jokes and funny stories. Again, the food would always be great because my family, they know how to cook.

So, I’m sitting her at my computer at 8:50am on Thanksgiving thinking about watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Instead of going to the Buckingham’s, I’m going to my sister’s house. My mother once again made the turkey but this morning, the smell of the bird roasting isn’t moving through the air in my place. It’s certainly making my sister’s home. In a couple of hours, I’ll rush to get ready and get over to my sister’s place before they eat.

Some things never change and other do, but I’m thankful for everyone and everything in my life. They are all blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading,

Family Gathering A Success

Take a look at my apartment, you won’t notice anything different, not even the fact that 14 people were here at one time. Sure, the place smells a little different, like a lot of food but it looks the same. My family even left me with little to do but take down the trash, which I’ll happily do!

The bad thing was my little nephew, Spencer, didn’t feel good enough recovering from his kidney infection to come over. It was a good family gathering but not quite the same without my sister and her family here. I guess I understand now more my mother’s feelings when I was in Detroit or in South Texas.

I hope your family gathering was just as good and you didn’t overeat (too much!)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Preparing For Thanksgiving

I have my living prepped for the arrival of the family on Thursday. I dismantled the sectional to create more open space in the living room. I’ve moved my bed to the wall to create more room there. I had to move part of the sectional into my spare bedroom because there’s no place to put it right now. Some people in my family will have to bring more chairs or there will be a lot of people sitting indian-style on the floor. I’m sure my mother and aunt will provide traffic control inside the apartment.

I still have a couple of things to do yet. I need to go to Lowe’s and get a table for the big day. I’m glad I have a gift card so the table will be much cheaper. I’ve measured and the table should fit inside my CRV.

I also need to go to the store to get some potatoes. Making mashed potatoes are my assignment for the day. I hope the carpet stays beige and not any other colors. I’ll be posting pictures of the big day. Cross your fingers that everyone fits and nothing gets spilled or ruined in the process. If it does, I guess I’ll just buy a new one. Wish me luck!

Thanksgiving at taawd’s?

It looks like my place will be the site of family Thanksgiving gathering. It could be a packed place. That’s the plan for this year. Imagine about 19 people, including several children, running around the place. Okay, they won’t be doing much running around because my place ain’t that big.
Before you ask, I will not be cooking. I will be providing the place for which people will be enjoying that dinner. I’ll have to do some furniture moving or there simply won’t be any room. It’ll be some good cookin’ for sure and I hope the family doesn’t destroy my place or spill anything. I’ll be sure to post a follow-up after the big get-together.