The Biz Of Busyness

No, there’s no typo there. It’s not business rather busyness.

The one thing I see over and over again while I stumble across my favorite blogs and others I don’t normally read, you’ll see a disclaimer that reads something like this: “Sorry for the lack of posts but I’ve been crazy busy.”

I’m not immune to the syndrome, let’s call it IBBS (I’ve Been Busy Syndrome). There’s one cure for the problem just sitting yourself down and letting your thoughts flow through your fingers. I don’t like it when I go to my favorite peeps’ blogs and they haven’t updated and I’m sure you’re not happy when you visit taawd’s little space on the ‘net and don’t see any update. It’s a major crapper.

Sure right now, I should be:
folding clothes (I have two mounds, whites & colors, in my place)
eating breakfast (My stomach is growling)
paying bills (I’m sure someone wants my money)
cleaning up my place (I’m having VIPs stop by this evening)
sleeping (I can always use some sleep)
doing some work (I have a little organization to do for my project for GMC)
relaxing while playing this online game that I’m addicted to (one of my fellow players sent me a message wondering if I was okay because I wasn’t “on” as much.)
several computer projects (a little photoshopping, fixing my network, switching two of my computers around)
working out (seriously, I’ve become lazy and fear flabbiness)

But, I gave all of those things the “up yours” to write this blog so that I overcome the IBBS. I promise not to let it get the best of me.

Don’t let it do the same thing to you,

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My Look-a-like?

I always take great interest when someone says I look like someone. So tonight, I waited with baited breath to hear what my friends’ wife had to say.

She claims I look a lot like Jason Mraz. I like his music. I don’t know if I look too much like him though.