The Young & The Restless

Things are heating up in Genoa City and behind the scenes of my favorite (and only) soap. It celebrates 35 years on the air. I think I’ve watched it for at least 23 years. God, that’s amazing.

Singer/Actor Michael Damian is coming back to reprise his role as Danny Romalotti. You’ll see his first episodes later this week. There’s also talk on the Internet of the show’s creator’s daughter, Lauralee Bell coming back again. If you watch the show, you know the history between Damian and Bell’s characters, Danny and Christine Williams. Their relationship forms more than a love triangle. Danny was married to Phyllis and they have a son, Daniel, who’s already had his own troubled past. Christine divorced Danny to marry Paul Williams. Of course, I could keep going but you get the picture. However, Soap Opera Digest says Bell is telling the show “no thanks!”.

There’s also been a big shake-up in the shows writing and production ranks. The executive producer and head writer of the show has been let go. That move makes many fans of the Y&R happy because they didn’t like the direction she was taking the show. They’re not the only ones either, apparently, Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Winters) is happy she’s gone as well and discussing a possible return to the show. When Rowell left the show, she’d fallen off a cliff and everyone presumed her dead. Everyone knows no one ever really dies for good in the soaps. John Abbott died but Jerry Douglas keeps coming back in cameos as the Jack’s father’s ghost.

I hate reading more about my favorite actors, singers and entertainers. I did a wikipedia search on Sharon Case (Sharon Abbott) and this is what it lists:

Personal life
Co-star Melody Thomas Scott has said that Case is her closest friend from the show.[1]
Case has been married to Sandy Corzine since April 2007.
Case is a member of the Church of Scientology.

I’m glad she’s friends with Thomas Scott and happy she’s married but the last part is what gets me. I guess she’s friends with Tom Cruise as well.