Toast To The Trail Update

Things are really coming together for the upcoming fundraiser for the Ohio Canal Corridor. The site is ready. The wineries have signed on. The raffles and auction packages are coming together. One quick sneak peek is Continental’s gift of two tickets to anywhere in the United States. Thanks, Continental!

I have some invitations that you should expect to be getting from me. It should be a very fun night.

I do want to mention another item that could be yours on Thursday, August 21st. Artist Ingrid Hoegner is graciously donating one of her works. It is a 14″ x 30″ gallery wrapped canvas of “Row Of Bottles”.

If the painting looks somewhat familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen her work hanging up at D’Vine restaurant. I’ve always been a big fan of her paintings. I’m probably going to end up buying one for my place. It could use some great artwork and from a Cleveland artist to boot. Support the local arts!

New favicon

{edit: i like the logo but it doesn’t look good as a favicon so i’m changing back to my old one!)

I’ve created a new logo that I’m incorporating into my blog. It originated from my favorite city in Switzerland, Basel. The top and bottom come from the city’s logo, the baselstab. It’s my way of including some of my heritage into the logo. I think it also looks like an “S” which is the first letter in my last name. The three lines interrupting the “S” are also part of the baselstab but I think it almost looks like a “T”.

I get creative after a relaxing night. If anyone knows how to make a vector image out of it, I’d love to have you make one so the image is clean and not pixelated.

See what you think.
One more thing, if there’s anyone out there who could tell me how close you can put a subwoofer near a computer tower (will the magnet in the subwoofer cause problems for the hard drive?) I would love to hear your thoughts.

In Da Newz…

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I work in the news biz. Every day we see all sorts of stories and every day I have some reactions or just want to share them with people. I couldn’t resist the urge today with so many interesting stories from this morning.

The Associated Press sent down an URGENT about Zimbabwe dropping 10 zeros from its currency. The government is turning 10 billion dollars into one. How about that? Just last week, the government there introduced a 100 billion-dollar note. Here’s the best part, it’s not even enough to buy a loaf of bread. Can you imagine the poor children who have to do simple math and figure out what it cost to buy milk? I understand their culture and way of life isn’t the same as ours but can you imagine a 35 trillion-dollar trip to the grocery store? Apparently, the inflated cost of everything is making the country’s calculators and computers implode. I’m going to have a 3 trillion dollar bowl of Golden Grahams right now.

In other news, Kevin Costner is out on the media circuit promoting his new movie, “Swing Vote.” I’m admittedly not a big movie fan. I’ve never seen “Dances With Wolves,” “The Bodyguard,” or “Tin Cup”. I wanted to find out more about the actor so I did a wikipedia search after Diane Sawyer blushed through the interview with him.

Apparently, he married his college sweetheart in 1975, had three children with her, then split up 16 years later. He’s since married a German model. But it got me wondering, would he and his first wife still be together today if it weren’t for his fame and fortune. I don’t begrudge him his accomplishments but if the couple were just your average everyday husband and wife with three kids would they have split up? I’d argue fame changes people. For the record, I know nothing else about his first marriage but that thought popped into my head.

In other news, Cheech & Chong are getting back together after years of being apart. They’ve apparently buried the creative differences they had in the past and are going to tour. Can they survive on the dope (and I don’t mean fly) humor they made famous in the 70’s while they’re in their 60’s? Live Nation thinks so!

Speaking of needing junk food, a Missouri woman thinks she’s found a sign from God in a Cheetos bag. Her friends believe it looks like a mini orange sculpture of Jesus on the cross. She’s nicknamed the edible religious symbol “Cheesus.” I say “Whatever” Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Finally, Miley Cyrus strikes back after “I Kissed A Girl’s” Katy Perry suggested she and the Disney tween star kiss on this Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards. Cyrus issued a quick retort saying “She sang on my record. So I think she’s kind of getting back at me, because she was doing harmonies and backgrounds.” Boo-yah! I guess she’s just being Miley.

The Busy Weekend Ahead…

Okay stalkers out there, here’s the rundown for what’s going to be a looong 4-days!

After I leave work tomorrow, I’m off until Monday. God, thank you for some vacation time. Will I rest? No! Of course, I’m packed to the gills with plans.

Here’s the rundown:

I have a planning committee meeting with the Ohio Canal Corridor about the upcoming “Toast To The Trail.” If you don’t know about it, make sure you save the date. It’s going to be a lot of fun. The night should be a lot of fun.

The Indians take on the Tigers for a businessman’s special. First pitch is 1:05pm. They are my two favorite teams and I get to see them at Jacobs (ahem, Progressive) Field.

I get to hang out with one of my best friends, Rebecca, at “Twilight At The Zoo”. Oh, the humanity! Add Disco Inferno into the mix and there will probably be some debauchery involved.

Get up early and be down in Wayne County, we’re talkin’ Sterling people for the Schorle Family Reunion. I’ll eat, shake some hands, get a couple of inappropriate hugs by a couple of relatives. Don’t worry, I’ve been through the situation with my therapist. I joke. I can’t stay that long because it’s Camp Krusty’s on Whiskey Island. I’ll spend the day with R+R, Patrick & Lisa and whomever else will be on the island for the big fundraiser for the Malachi House. Gotta support the neighborhood non-profits!

REST — Did I just fill up all of the days off? Relaxation, who needs it?

MySpace vs. Facebook

It appears to me people are abandoning in droves and heading to I have accounts on both. I was a big MySpacer for a time until I got just downright bored with it.

I only started a facebook account because one of my friends was so anti-MySpace. Now, I’m getting college friends (many of them I haven’t talked with for some 15 years). My pageviews on myspace would increase by 50 a day. Now, they hardly notch up that much during a week or a month. Is it that I’m less interesting? Hardly! I just think everyone else is getting tired of what MySpace has to offer as opposed to facebook.

I think people now equate MySpace with tweens and teens. It seems the adults (I’m not sure if I’m one of them yet) prefer facebook. I do like the fact you can customize MySpace but you can’t do the same thing with facebook. I’m up to 85 friends and I don’t even try to expand my list like I once did with MySpace.

When you are out and about, you’ll hear more people talking facebook than MySpace it seems. I can’t believe some of my friends are on facebook. Of course, some of them are strongly encouraged to do so.

Is myspace on the way out?

(yes, I should be sleeping, but for some reason I can’t…)

2008 Blog Awards (aka taawdy’s)

I’m just back from a very long day at work. I thought I’d get out of work at 10:30am like I normally do but the FBI and IRS worked together to change that.

Agents from both agencies raided business, homes and Cuyahoga County offices. My stakeout location was the Cuyahoga County Engineer’s office on the Superior Viaduct. Luckily, it’s very close to my home. I got to eat at Ponte Vecchio Ristorante Italiano for the first time. It wasn’t bad. I’ll be surprised if this post makes sense because I’m tired but I want to put something up on the blog.

More importantly, I got a blog award from my friend from the north, Trooper Thorn from Dogs and Jeans. I’m honored and I didn’t even prepare a speech for this occasion. I never thought I would even win given the competition, everyone out there is so talented. I would like to thank God… my parents… and everyone I forgot to mention.

At any rate, with this award comes a little work.

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Here are my honorees:

1.) Trooper Thorn: He gave me the award so I’m sending one back to him. Here are his picks for his original awards.

2.) Mom2Amara: She’s been my friend/blog buddy for the longest so she gets an award. She gets right to the point, she knows what she wants, look out family, she’s talking about you! You go girl.

3.) Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Your Boyfriend: Her blog is edgy. Make sure to visit her site on Tuesdays. It’s a special day. She’s even more awesome than her blog and can I tell you she’s a load of fun.

4.) Tivo Changed My Life & Bruce2Go: This husband & wife blogging combo introduced me to the world of blogging years ago now. They’re currently studying in Europe but just browse their blogs and you’ll see it appears as if they’re having more fun than cramming for tests.

5.) Cleveland’s A Plum: Her blog lists her as just blogging for more than a year but already she’s getting a ton more comments (Listen up everyone!!!) than I get. I know I have readers but I’ll take some of your witty comments. If you don’t have an ID, sign-up. Anyhow, she’s all about Cleveland. That gets an award in my book!

6.) These Days Of A Busy Mom: She’s my favorite Aussie gal. I love getting her perspective from the “Land Down Under”. I count on her comments every now and then. She always also has some fresh sounding music on her blog.

7.) Manager Mom: My other favorite mom blogger. I get the humorous view of life as a working mom. She’s got a knack for photoshopping with Windows Paint. Check out her pictures, you can hardly see where the pictures are merged together. Worth the read, every post!

8.) Newshutr’s Views: Want to know what life’s like being a TV videographer/photojournalist/cameraman working the Cleveland streets during the overnights. Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer. Check out the antics of covering and bringing you the news.

Want even more?? Check out my blogroll on the left side of the page. They’re all winners but I have to stick to the instructions.

Congratulations to everyone. Happy linking and cross posting!

Camp Nolan

If you check out the picture, you’ll see a helicopter next to the house. Who has a chopper land at their party? That’s the fun for at least two years in a row at my friend, Nolan’s party.

First, it was great getting to see some of my former co-workers. I live in the same city, work in the same industry but get to see them so infrequently. I guess it takes a party with something like cars, choppers, food and libations to bring people together. I got to see Newshutr and meet Mrs. Newshutr along with enjoying some dinner talk with them at the picnic table. I work for the competition of many people at this party but they all seem like family.

I got to meet the daughter of one of my friends. I got a lot of e-mail photos and picturemail but never got to meet Olivia in person. She’s cute and loves the water even though she got her dad’s shorts soaked. Soaked shorts suck!

Two of the radio stations were represented. The Buzzard and that Majic station showed up for the party.

It’s always great to see my friend’s mom and her husband. She’s a social butterfly at these events. Everyone who hasn’t met her, wants to. I saw her pulled in a hundred different directions about five or six times throughout the night. I don’t know how you couldn’t love her.

I love it when people you don’t know ask you your age and then come way low. I can never tell if people are being polite or telling the truth. You get the truth from me so if I guess old, well, I don’t have a degree in guessing people’s ages so don’t worry too much about it. I digress. The boyfriend of one of my friends and I got to talking him about getting older. He was older than I guessed. He was divorced. I didn’t get married, we stopped short. Anyhow, he told me how he dropped 30 pounds right after the break-up. I laughed. He didn’t understand until I told him I did the same thing. He said he’s working out a lot. I laughed. He understood. It’s fun sharing life changing information with people you don’t know.

I spent time with one of my former directors, Mark, and his wife, Julie. They are a riot. Their kids are grown-up enough to take care of themselves while Mom & Dad are away so they had a good time. Mark has always been supportive of my work. He’s one of the people always asking me when I’ll come back.

I have to admit getting a little old my bodyclock was getting the best of me at the end of the night and left around 10:3opm to go home. I arrived back downtown around 11:15 and was sawing logs around midnight. I argued with myself this morning when the clock read 7:15am. I woke up again around 10:30am. My body needed the sleep.

Is that another week and busy weekend staring at me?

My Look-a-like?

I always take great interest when someone says I look like someone. So tonight, I waited with baited breath to hear what my friends’ wife had to say.

She claims I look a lot like Jason Mraz. I like his music. I don’t know if I look too much like him though.