Charmed: The Final Season

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you’ve heard me mention the show “Charmed”. It’s been a year since it’s been on TV. The CW replaced the WB. The producers decided eight seasons would be enough.

TNT currently repeats the show during the week. TNT is how I got hooked on the show. I didn’t want to watch the final season’s shows until I got through the rest of them. Problem is, I didn’t DVR them so I’ve been anxiously waiting for the final season to come out on DVD. is selling the DVD for $30.99 when it goes on sale September 11th. Here’s one of the perks of working in television. I got an advanced promotional copy of it. I saved about 30-some dollars and am now able to watch the final season a little early.

There has been some talk about whether the final DVD would have Love Spit Love’s version of “How Soon Is Now” as the title theme. The producers’ rights to the song has apparently expired so it’s not on the final season’s DVD. It’s replaced by a like sounding instrumental.

The episode I’m watching right now is “Desperate Housewitches”. I was surprised to see Michelle Stafford (Phyllis on the “Young & the Restless”) as a human who’s possessed by a demon trying to use Wyatt’s powers to bring back The Source. Of course, Michelle plays a great role in this episode.