BBAD Monday

The show opened with a big fight between Jen and Daniele. ED got involved along with Nick. ED ended up dumping a glass of tea on Jen. ED does NOT like Jen at all. He verbally assaults her all of the time. Daniele got upset over the whole thing and then told ED she was ready to call it quits and wanted to go out. She said she didn’t see the point of staying. She didn’t like anything about the house and she didn’t even care about the money. She just wanted to go home. ED and Daniele had a moment in the backyard. Daniele and Nick snuggled a little bit in bed. Boring part of the night, Kail and Jen talked in the HOH room.

Courtesy CBSOne of my favorite players, Jessica, decided to do a little hottubbing, Jen joined in (wearing the skimpiest of bikinis) and so did Dustin who accidently flashed a butt shot for the camera. Eric also hopped in for some fun. They were talking about Christmas music and how much Eric likes Christmas music including the Twelve Days of Christmas where Miss Piggy sings about five golden rings. Eric, by the way, is Jewish.

Zach, who’s always everywhere, went to the bedroom to talk with Daniele and Nick. They sent him away to spy on the rest of the houseguests for them. Good way to get him out of the room. Jameka and Dick are talking about the way the nominations and the power of veto went down. No beer pong tonight because there wasn’t any alcohol.

Amber’s Tears

Courtesy CBS

Amber is one of the most emotional women. She cries when she’s happy, she cries when she’s said, she cries when she’s undecisive, she cries when she feels pressured. I seriously hope she holds it together when she’s away from the BB household. I think you can actually see tears forming in her eyes in the picture to the left.

I think the relationship? between Eric and Jessica is interesting. You get to see a different side of Jessica on Big Brother After Dark. I, however, could not get past her voice but I think I could be her friend. She seems fun especially when she and Eric hid all of the chess pieces from Zach. They’re really painting him as an annoying housemate. During Sunday night’s episode and on BBAD, you get the picture that he’s everywhere. Everyone wants him out. I want Jen out. She’s annoying!

Of course, I didn’t think I’d see nudity on BBAD but it’s very tame. A couple of curse words but that’s about it.

Why do I like this show so much? I wonder how I would be if I were part of the show. Who would I align myself with? Would people align with me? Would I be an outcast? How would I be perceived by the blogosphere?

Problems In The 8th

Twins – 2
Indians – 1

And this is where the problems began… In the Top of the 8th: Redmond doubled to deep right, scoring Tyner. Mauer got to first safely after Barfield’s throwing error. Rodriguez advanced to third, Rodriguez scored. Morneau double to deep left allowed Mauer to score.

In the top of the 9th, Ford homered to deep left and that was the game, my friends! Final Score, Twins 4, Indians 1. Not exactly, the outcome I wished for his 60th Birthday. But we enjoyed the “suite” tickets at any rate. Thanks, Andy!

Big Brother Latest

Call me crazy (please don’t!) I’ve gone off the deep end and ordered Showtime to get Big Brother after dark. There have been plenty of nights when I get home and think “I wish I could watch Big Brother After Dark”. Tonight, I bit the bullet and ordered Showtime. It’ll be only for the length of the run of “Big Brother”. Right now, all of them are just sitting in the backyard tonight talking about different housemates who aren’t there. It’s Evil Dick, Dustin, Eric and Jameka talking about what would go on if Eric was Head of Household. They just ran a promo about everything they can’t show you on network television but can’t. Here’s the best part, I forgot about the West Coast Feed so they’re re-running it. I’ll have to set the DVR to help me out because there’s no way I’m missing out on sleep tonight.
So who’s out already? Carol, Joe and Mike are out. I was kind of shocked by Evil Dick putting Mike up and then the housemates voting him out of the house. I thought Kail was a goner but I don’t think I was the only person. I believe she thought she was out of there too. So, I know you are wondering who my favorite houseguests are. My answer? Evil Dick and his daughter, Danielle, Nick (because of all of the drama between the three of them.) I guess I’d also pick Eric (America’s Player) and finally, I think I love to hate Jen.
Okay, I hope Jessica or Zach go home next. They bore me.

Just Behind…

I just finished the book and between it and work, I’m behind on so many things. My life’s going so fast right now, I want to slam on the brakes. This weekend’s already booked up, check that, triple booked up. I feel like cancelling all of my plans and just hibernating, check that, getting some overdue stuff done.

Okay, enough of that rant. I liked the book and I’m in no hurry to give out the ending. Read it for yourself if you’d like. I’m happy the way J.K. Rowling tied up the story. She didn’t disappoint again in this book.

I’m so behind on Big Brother. Hopefully, things will slow down soon. Get me off this crazy merry-go-round. {he says with a smile} Thank God for the special people in your life!