Big Brother 9

Yeah, taawd’s favorite show is coming back. The Writers’ Strike probably prompted CBS to dust off the Big Brother House for a February 12th start to the next season of Big Brother.

Who will succeed Dick? Will I even like the new houseguests? We’ll see. The DVR is already set!

Tune in,

Showtime Addiction

Showtime got me. Last night was the last night of Big Brother AfterDark. Tonight, former houseguests pick the winner, either Dick or Daniele. One of those two will take home $500,000. The last couple of BBAD’s have been the Donatos ranking on the former houseguests. It’s even a little funny. So we’ll find out who the big winner is later this evening.

While I watched BBAD, Showtime promoted two of their series like crazy. “Weeds” and “Californication” are on every Monday night. I prefer “Weeds” because of its humor and unpredictability. “Weeds”stars Mary Louise Parker as a suburban mother who finds herself dealing drugs.

“Californication” is titillating and entertaining. David Duchovny plays a man who’s obsessed with the mother of his child. She’s moved on but he hasn’t. Madeline Zima plays the underage daughter of Duchovny’s former girlfriend’s current boyfriend. She’s not the same girl you remember as Grace Sheffield on “The Nanny”.
I may have to go back and get the first few seasons of “Weeds” on DVD. It’s a great show.

Dick Wins Final HOH

All of this season, I went back and forth on whether I liked ED and Daniele or not. I knew I didn’t want Zach to win because of his game play. Say what you will but he just didn’t do as good of a job as Dani and Dick.

Yes, I know some people out there are upset that I have just a few final posts about Big Brother 8 but sadly [sic] the season comes to an end on Thursday. We’ll see who people pick. I believe Daniele is $500,000 richer.

I’m also glad to see that the showmance between Eric and Jessica might be a little more than just that!

Big Boring Brother

Call it the BBB! For the first half hour on BBAD, we follow Danielle around the kitchen while she makes herself some food. Flash to Zach who’s on a bed doing nothing but breathing. (it looked really funny on fast forward) Last night’s contest was very boring, you just got to see Zach and ED freezing their butts off for most of the show. Oh, I forgot there was also the exciting shots of the storage room so we, at home, could see exactly all of the food rations the houseguests get.

Finally, almost 1 hour into BBAD, ED and Daniele are talking strategy and about past houseguests. Daniele is packing and surprise, she’s complaining about how much time it’s going to take her to get everything put together. She claims she needs two handlers just to get everything ready. She says the first time she packed, it took her two days to get things together. Daniele also just said she hadn’t been to DR yet and seconds after she said, I’m glad I haven’t been called into the Diary Room, Big Brother called her. Of course, she complained about that as well. Things haven’t changed since the start of the summer except there isn’t ANY enterainment in the house anymore.

Everything will be over next Tuesday night.

When Big Brother 8 Jumped The Shark

It’s simple… Big Brother 8 jumped the shark when the housemates sent Eric and Jessica to the jury house.

BBAD is not even worth watching now. The producers had a camera on Daniele on Friday night sitting at the table doing nothing for about 5 minutes. I mean she’s hot and everything but I got out some paint and watched it dry. That was more exciting.

Zach is boring, ED is nowhere to be found and Jameka is the only saving grace in the show. However, she’s sitting alone in the hot tub. She asked Daniele to come out with her but Ms. Donato quickly said “I don’t do the hot tub.”

So now we just wait until the 18th to see who will get the $500,000. I know it will be a blow out show but I’d love to hear what some of the housemates think about Eric being “America’s Player” and getting the money for completing all of those tasks.

The contempt for Jen in the house is amazing. Dick has taken hatred to a new level during this season. We’ll wait to see what happens during the season finale but until then BBAD isn’t must see viewing for me anymore.

A Big Night on Big Brother

Tonight is a big night on Big Brother. First, ED and Daniele have decided to make their own drama.

They plan to evict Jessica. Eric will vote for Jessica but his vote won’t save her. Jessica will go to the sequester house.

Big Brother has also promised a twist. It’s a double elimination night. I’d love to see Zach zapped from the house.

The good folks at Idol Thoughts have put together some different scenarios about what could happen tonight. Check out their thoughts. I’m too lazy right now to write all of my ideas out. Nice job guys!

I hope Jessica by some twist of fate gets to stay in the house but at this point, that doesn’t look like reality.

Big Brother Coming To An End

My days of Showtime viewing are numbered. There are 13 more nights of BBAD (Big Brother After Dark, for those of you not following along.) and then I’m going to cancel Showtime. I’m going to miss two good shows on the channel, Weeds & Californication. If you have Showtime, you should watch them, but not with kids in the room. How could anyone who’s watching BBAD, not at least be curious about them because that’s all Showtime shows us as commercials for three hours.

Let’s get back to BBAD, ED has apparently told Jameka she’s going home on Thursday and told Jessica she’s safe. This is a lie. They plan on sending Jessica home instead. I don’t quite understand why. It’s totally an unneeded mind game. Several of the bloggers out there have figured out several scenarios. They say it’s a bad idea for the Donato’s to send Jessica home. ED is apparently set to offer Jameka an eleventh hour deal to keep her in the house. She’d be silly not to accept it. The deal includes some immunity for Dick & Daniele. Zach, of course, is happy to play along.

What would the houseguest do without alcohol? They’ve played more beer games this year than I remember any other season playing. The bulk of what you get to see now on BBAD is beer games. Soon there will be just four people who are in the game, the late night competitions aren’t going to be so exciting anymore. Daniele just said “I think Showtime is sick of quarters”. Someone else chimed in “and beer pong”.

I’d really like to see a final four of Eric, Jessica, ED and Daniele. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening with the current strategy that’s being discussed in the house.

Have you seen last week’s House Calls? They make complete fun of Amber, her crying, her rants and somewhat her religion. Gretchen also reads the statement from the show’s producers about why evicted houseguests won’t be available to the media until after the final vote.
Here’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard all season. Zach thinks he’s one of the most popular players in the house. Zach was surprised when ED and Daniele laughed at his statement.

Weekend Vibrations…

An active day. I got up and cleaned. Believe me, I needed to clean. How can things get so messy? Rhetorical question but one that can be easily answered. I’ve also been wanting to go to the local Farmer’s Market for some weeks now. I’ve just had plans that prevented me from doing so. I got a dozen ears of corn and already had three of them. I love sweet corn on the cob! It’s a dinner tradition this time of year for my family. I’d never think of corn as an entire meal any other time but it’s acceptable now.

Speaking of meals, I had brunch at First Watch and some quality conversation. Good catch-up time outside that almost reminded me a little of Europe. Okay, it was just the whole sitting outside deal. But I digress… I also did a little shopping at Trader Joe’s. It’s a fairly small grocery store but you could spend a lot of time inside looking at everything for sale.

I’ve increased my run once again. Today, I got in six miles on the elliptical. I’m thankful for that. I’m going to try to get an off day run in tomorrow of three miles.

What I’m most thankful for today is the two hour nap God granted me. Why do I say this? First, that I was able to sleep for this long in the middle of the day, that’s amazing. Secondly, I didn’t turn my cell phone off and that’s just a recipe for someone to wake me up is even more amazing!

BBAD Update: Things are relatively quiet in the Big Brother house. Amber is distancing herself from the rest of the houseguests. She and Zach are upon the block. Zach is using every chance he gets to campaign for himself with everyone. I think he’s cloned himself. Everytime they change cameras he seems to be in the frame. Jessica is loving her HOH status. Jameka is also using Jessica’s win to hang out and plot with her. During Friday night’s BBAD, they showed Jameka praying and crying for a long time before Jessica came up to the room and started talking to her. Jessica also claimed she’s very into church but doesn’t bring it up much for competitive reasons. ED and Daniele spent a lot of time plotting their moves in the house. Eric’s keeping a low-profile. He doesn’t have much to worry about with Jessica in control of the house.

Lastly, I finally got some additional pictures back from Europe and my friend took one of me that I really like. You have to look at it closely but it’s a great picture and I plan on framing it. In fact, after posting it, you probably have to click on it to get the full effect.

Hope you’re enjoying you weekend so far as much as I have!

Thursday’s BBAD

It’s a party in the Big Brother house. Everyone is so excited that Jen is gone. They keep talking about how happy they are all that she was evicted. Dick has been shouting out names which aren’t appropriate for taawd’s thoughts.

I had to laugh that Jameka is a school counselor but she just asked “What packages do you think they had in the show tonight.” In television, package is a pre-produced taped story. When reporters toss to their story, it’s called a package. During Thursday’s episode, the fight between ED and Jen and Eric’s antics were packages. It just goes to show you how quick you get acclimated to television once that’s all you do for 24/7.

By the way, Daniele and Amber are the only houseguests not with all of the rest of them in the HOH room. Talk about a briefing. Everyone seems to be at ease with everyone else now that Jen is out of the picture.

Stay tuned for the next twist though!

Baby Workout

After more than a month back from my trip which destroyed my workout routine, I’m finally about back to where I was. I ran five miles today without much huffing and puffing. I’m trying to get back to the seven miles I was running pre-European trip.

Looking forward: to tonight’s Big Brother episode, I want to see if the producers work last night’s catfight between ED and Jen into the show. to reading what Daniele and Amber got to do during their trip out of the house.

Looking back: on a good night of sleep. 3:00am – 11:00am. I believe that adds up to 8 hours. NICE!