My first iPhone blog

I thought I’d blog a lot more if I had a chance to post from my iPhone. Apparently, there’s an app for that and luckily it’s free.

Don’t look for longer posts from me from the iPhone because tapping out all of the letters ain’t so easy. The good thing about the iPhone is it automatically corrects many of my tapping mistakes. You wouldn’t want to see this post without that feature. It would probably appear as something put together by a pre-schooler.

While I’m talking technology, I remember having a TV and only getting five channels. Most of them we couldn’t get very well. We didn’t have a VCR when I was a little kid, we certainly didn’t have a DVR. I didn’t have the ability to watch my favorite show 20 times a day. How did my mother get anything accomplished? How did I cope? Wonder what kids these days will look back and say 30 years from now.

–published from my iPhone.

Too Many Connections

Why can’t everything be USB?

I’m going crazy with all of the connections I need.

My iPhone from Apple has a special connection on one side of the plug that I use to charge it. Of course, that’s different from my last phone, or the one before that or the one before that. I need juice for my electronics so every time I buy a new phone, that means another wall charger and another car charger.

Of course, my bluetooth (yes, my bluetooth) from Motorola has another proprietary connector that I use to power it up. That connector is different from the old Motorola bluetooth.

My camera doesn’t do USB on each end. Again, there’s another special connector on one end. Of course, that’s different from the digital camera that I had in the past.

My plea: let’s start making all of the connections universal. Of course, if we did that, Apple, Motorola and every other electronics company out there couldn’t take more money from us.

Wanna buy an old charger?

Brand Loyalty (or my addictions)

Allison from Confessions of a Cohabitant wrote about her boyfriend’s hair product choice and its dwindling availability. That got me to thinking about my brand loyalty.

I’m the kind of person marketers either love or hate. Once you get me hooked on your product, I’m unlikely to try something else. I’m not talking about the love for a product like Narm has with his Secret but fairly close.

I need Aim for toothpaste. I know practically nobody uses that brand but I often wonder what I’d do if they ever stopped making it. The best part is it’s 99 cents but hard to find at say, Target.

I’m sure the discontinuation of Gillette Cool Wave deodorant would send me into a whirlwind of anxiety.

I use Hollister Jake cologne so you don’t find my smell offensive.

I need my Crew hair product, that is when I actually use it.

As I mentioned, Raisin Bran = Kellogg’s

Pop Tarts (or any other toaster pastry) = Kellogg’s

Graham Crackers = Nabisco

Soda (if I drink it) = Coke

I’m sure there are others but you get the picture.

What are your favorite must-haves?

I’ll Miss You McDonald’s…

If you’ve read any of my posts in the past, you know how happy McDonald’s breakfasts make me. I’m giving them up. I’m trying to be more picky and healthy about what I eat.

Gone are the days when I can stuff a big greasy cheeseburger down my throat. I just can’t do it any longer.

I’ve replaced the Golden Arches with Two Scoops of Raisin Bran (Kellogg’s, of course. I don’t like the Post version) and some banana slices on top. It’s a tough transition. Each time I come home, I want to veer off the way home and get two number twos with milk to drink to drink instead of coffee.

I’m even tempted other ways. For some reason, potato chips seem to beckon me from inside the cupboard. I don’t even like potato chips but yesterday I couldn’t get past the kitchen without having one. Yes, just one.

I’m even snacking healthy at work. My lunch consists of clementines and apples. They fill me up. I’ve even given up flavored sports drinks for water. I still don’t do soda or caffeine. I gave those up a long time again.

Here’s to good health!

I Went Back To Ohio…

but my elementary school was gone…

The place where I spent so many years of my young life is now a building with its future up in the air. Elementary students in the North Central School District (now Norwayne Local School District) are now attending classes in Creston.

My old elementary school now sits vacant but there are more than enough memories from that place.

I remember sitting on the steps in Mrs. Weldy’s classroom and playing Star Wars with my friend, Stephen in first grade. I remember our teacher’s mother coming in to help with the holiday parties. I remember standing in the lunch line and telling a girl I thought she was cute, an embarrassing moment.

I remember having one of the best teachers ever, Mrs. Elzroth, in second grade. I made not have liked going to school but she always made me seem to forget about that feeling. I spent a good deal of time on the sick cot. Was I really sick or sick of school? Probably both.

In third grade, I remember when the entire class got talked to because we all wouldn’t play with one of our classmates. Mrs. Glessner made sure we all knew that wasn’t okay. I remember it being one of the most scariest moments of my young life. Who could forget the carpet lined bathtub for reading. A brilliant idea! We got to be some of the first students in the new room at the school.

In fourth grade, Mrs. Renninger read to us after recess to calm us down. She read The Great Brain series to us. Another brilliant idea. By the way, I have all of The Great Brain series which I can’t wait to share. We made a ridiculous robot out of cardboard that never quite got finished.

In fifth grade, I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Elzroth as my teacher again. We also traded classrooms and got the wake-up stick from Mr. Ocepek if we weren’t paying attention. Mrs. Elzroth saw red when someone brought some pictures of nude girls into the room. Everyone knew who did it but luckily they didn’t in trouble for it.

In sixth grade, I had Mrs. Carpenter. She taught us words I still don’t use in everyday conversation, like abecedarian. Words were her game. I recall getting writer’s cramp from taking down all of the notes Mrs. Smith put on the chalkboard. I remember us being allowed to run out and watch the blimp as it went over the school. I had Mrs. Allen for math. I remember always being excited to go to her classroom. She was strict but always fun.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to leave out Miss Lea, our gym teacher. Who thought a parachute could be so much fun? Mrs. Chapman taught us art and always had a pharmacist’s coat on to keep the mess off her good clothes. Mrs. Chapman’s mother-in-law was once our music teacher. You’d know when she was coming to the room because you’d hear all of her instruments clanging around in her bag. It was a magical moment for us kids.

We had two great janitors, Mr. Gordon & Mr. Russell, while I was there. Anyone who went to the school remembers cleaning the erasers. So fun!

You can’t forget Mrs. Schaffter and Mrs. Hostettler. I still love the smell of Mrs. Hostettler’s copying machine. Mrs. Schaffter was always there to help when you got a cut or a scratch.

Lastly, Mr Bowers was the man who ran the school. He came up with the Book Worm Club and used it throughout his time as principal. I still have a segment somewhere.

Those memories and so many more will always be a part of me whether the building stays or goes. Sometimes I’d love to replay some of those times again but they’re probably best stored in my mind and now on this post.

It’s Fun To Go To The Zoo

Just before she smelled the bone that was directly below her…

The king has arrived…

Movin’ kinda slow today…

I love this picture…

This little guy wins for the candid shot of the day…

Check out the color on this guy!

Of course, this is the winner in the humor category…
What a great day to go to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo!

Locked On Target, Bullseye!

I was just saying yesterday, I like getting up early on the weekend because you can get some mental work done before everyone else gets up.
On Sundays, I like to start my mornings with some breakfast at the computer, reading the Target and Best Buy ads. I’ve said before Target should just deduct so much money from my paycheck each week, they end up getting the cash in the end.
I guess I didn’t need the ad because I was geeked up the other day after a trip to Target. I got the DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Exclusive Action Figure 6-Pack as a gift for $7.48. It was originally $29.99 at Target. They had a bunch of toys 75% off. The aisles were packed with people. I tossed a little old lady aside to get my hands on those savings. Of course, I’m kidding but this boring post needed something.
The purchase was worth it because the 2-year-old hasn’t stopped playing with them yet. Score!