The Vista Gamble

Yep, just like every other computer freak out there, I want to try Windows Vista on for size. Do I do my desktop or my laptop? It’s a toss-up because both of them are as important as the other so I chose my laptop. While I’m writing this, the laptop is tirelessly upgrading itself to Windows Vista. It’s taken a long time already. The fact it says “The installation could take hours to complete” is also a little scary!

Nervous? You bet I’m nervous but I feel a little safe because I did a disk image of my laptop before upgrading.

But Microsoft was nice (sic) enough to release the software in the beta form, so I was inclined to download it, made a backup and wait. Not that tough, the Browns are winning so I’m watching them and typing this blog. I don’t want to utter a word about the progress, I don’t want to jinx the installation. I’ll update soon with a report about how things are going.

UPDATE: Okay, I’m still writing this on my Toshiba laptop running XP. Even though I know my BIOS on the computer is fully ACPI compliant. I get a blue screen of death at the re-boot of my computer. It asks that I contact my system’s maker to get an upgrade. However, my laptop is supposed to be fully ACPI compliant. This isn’t the first time a Windows installation has had problems with this sort of thing. So until, Microsoft changes its code or Toshiba releases new BIOS for my laptop. Not cool!

Classic Song Flashback: The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

An Open Letter To Frito Lay…

Dear Frito Lay,

Why, oh, why have you taken away the Baked Tostitos Chips from my store shelves. Once, I could count on them being my favorite snack but no more. They are not to be found snuggled between other Tostitos brand products in any store where I live.

There is no way to leave you an e-mail on your website and I just don’t know if I am strong enough to keep it together for a phone call to your company. It is truly a snacking loss for me. No longer can I enjoy the “sensible and great tasting reduced fat” chip. By the way, I’m brand loyal, I love the Tostitos brand salsa (mild, of course) to compliment my once, easy to find snack pleasure.

I even see on your website there is now a new option out there, a “scoopable” Baked Tostitos version, but can I find them at my favorite market that’s super? No. They look delicious and a snacking experience. So why has Frito Lay abandoned my part of the planet? I just want my favorite chip back, is that too much to ask? I’d also like a coupon for a free bag if you’re still going to market them for my emotional distress you’ve temporarily caused me and my taste buds.

At the least, please make sure they find their way back into the stores in Northern Ohio. Yes, even people in Browns’ Town love their chips but they don’t necessarily want Restaurant Style, Bite Sized Gold or just regular old Scoops. Please allow our palates to enjoy the taste of Baked Tostitos again soon.

Yours Truly,
Un-Baked Next To The Lake


I finally decided to call Frito Lay for an answer. The original Baked Tostitos has been replaced with the “scoops” version and should be distributed throughout the country within the next month! There’s a picture of the new packaging above! We can all rest easy now. Yum!

One of my new favorite places

Whether it’s happy hour or just lunch, this place is a great spot to hang out for good time. Ask for Jeff!

Okay, it’s a chain Irish Restaurant but who cares, the people are still nice and the food is good. Check it out!!

9.11.2001: Where were you?

September 11, 2001 – One of those days you’ll never forget where you were. I was working at a Detroit television station, producing the noon newscast.

At the time the first plane went into the North Tower, I was out of the newsroom.

One of our videotape editors ran toward me when I came back into the newsroom and started pointing at one of our TV monitors.

He said “check out the wild pictures from New York.” At the time, we weren’t aware that a plane had crashed into the building and it wasn’t an accident! We talked about how hard it would be for firefighters to fight a towering inferno.

There weren’t a lot of people in the newsroom at the time because most people didn’t arrive until around nine o’clock in the morning.

Some people started coming in and rushed to see the TV’s, they’d heard the story on the radio.

It was about that time when another plane slammed into the South Tower and then we all knew something wasn’t right, we were under attack.

The world changed forever. The lives of an entire generation of people changed forever.

It’s a day none of us can or will be able to forget. We must not also forget the innocent people who lost their lives and their families who have to endure the pain of not having them each day and every anniversary of 9/11.

Classic Song Flashback: Only Time – Enya