The CD Project & The “Q”

Once and for all, the CD Project is complete. All of the files are named correctly and all of the CD’s have been ripped on to the MyBook drive. There are more than 11,000 songs on the drive and it only takes up about 40 gigs so there’s plenty of space for more. Thankfully that project is finished.

I’m starting to get used to having the “Q” as my cell phone. It’s amazing. I just put my gmail account on the phone. There’s a bad side to the “Q” with Sprint. It doesn’t have a native PictureMail feature. I put the gmail account on the phone so I could post pictures to my blog. There’s no built-in way that I’ve found yet to do such a thing.

Side note, I’m looking out my window now as the snow just keeps coming down. There’s actually a decent side drift on the roof of the other apartment. See Winter’s Revenge.

The CD Project

I didn’t think this possible so quickly. I’m ripping one of the last five CD’s into my computer. I’ll be done with the ripping portion by 7:00pm. Alas, the project is not finished yet because I have to go through the renaming process with every CD I ingested. That won’t be as long as the actual ripping project however. I’ve not peeked at iTunes to see how much music (in days) that I have. I don’t plan on doing that until all of the renaming process is finished. All I have to rip yet is the Simon & Garfunkel “Old Friends” box set and the Now 24 CD. I’m missing Natalie Merchant’s Tigerlily CD. I’ll just download it from Wal-Mart and that will be that.

The CD Project

A milestone for me on this massive project! I’ve completed all of the non-oldies CD’s that I have. That means I’m about 80% complete. It’s going much easier than I thought it would but I’m also devoting a lot of time to getting this done. Add in the fact that Windows Media Player doesn’t rip the CD’s in the filename format that I want and that’s going to keep me at work renaming the filenames for another week. There is a handy free program out there called mp3 Tag Tools. I probably owe the software developer a donation for using the program so much. It’s a powerful program that allows you to batch rename files and write tags for your mp3’s. Without those tags, your iPod or mp3 player won’t tell you what song is playing, so they’re important.

Currently, I’m up to the “C’s” in the Oldies CD’s. The “B’s” were a project themselves because of the “Billboard Hits” CD’s I have from Rhino Records. Most of my oldies, thankfully, are Rhino re-issues, so you know they’re quality. So, hopefully I’ll be done with this project this week.

On a different front, the next few weeks look very busy for me. I have a run coming up. I’m heading out of town. It’s Easter and that’s just the start! ah, Spring!

CD Ripping Project

Well, it’s going not bad. It’s a hellva project. I end up doing something for about 4 minutes before I realize I have to run the other room and switch another CD into the player. I’m up to the H’s. There’s more progress there however because I’ve done some random CD’s out of order. Sorry, not much of a post but I just figured it’s worth an update.