College Connections

Actually, Ashland University took great pains when I was a freshman to make sure we didn’t call it a “College” anymore because it was now a “University.”

Say what you will about facebook (everyone’s doing it!) but it’s got me back in touch with some of my college (ur, university) friends again.

The only person I can say I really kept in touch with was Michelle Valiquette Wilson. That’s because I worked with her during my stint in Detroit.

I recently got the itch to go through a bunch of pictures from college from my days at AU in the R/TV “area”, we weren’t a department. I can’t believe all of the people I’d forgotten. Nothing personal, where’s my phone calls or e-mails, people!?!? I won’t take it to heart either.

Actually, back then I wasn’t as cool as I am today. I was socially awkward. Oh, to do college over knowing what I do now. That would be scary as sin.

I’m just happy technology and the six degrees have hooked many of us back up again. Now, I’m enjoying the humor of Aaron Jerviss and playing catch-up with other people I wish I’d kept up with all of these years. We were all part of the “family” and should have stayed in touch.

It’s still WRDL, 88.9, The Rock. Crank it!