The Police Come To Cleveland

Next major event, at least for now, The Police concert. My friend, Katie, wanted to get tickets to the concert when they come to Cleveland. The tickets went on pre-sale today but you had to have a Best Buy Rewards Zone card. She didn’t, I do! So I told her I’d get her a code and I scored one. She then got up today and logged on and scored tickets. It’s 16th July (that’s how it’s on their website, they’re British, you know!) I gotta get that night off work. I’m not the biggest Police fan in the world but it just rocks me off my butt that I didn’t get to see Fleetwood Mac when they went on their final tour (with Christine McVie) and I’m forever kicking myself in the ass for that one. But now, I sing “everything little thing she does is magic” with the Police once last time LIVE!

A Weekend of Total Fun!

Okay, Ohio University lives up to its status. Jason and I took a long drive down there. We got backed up in Columbus Saturday morning, got behind a funeral procession on Rt. 33 and took the BR (Business Route) before Jason realized we didn’t want that way but it was still fun. We got there in just enough time to drop off our stuff at the University Inn. We met Rick, Frank, Steve and Matt. Jason introduced me to Steve, who’s a reporter and then asked Matt if he was a photographer. Matt said “I work at a liquor store.” Hiliarous and more so if you were there. Next, we went to Miller’s Chicken. They have good fries. I didn’t partake of the chicken because I wasn’t hungry.

We headed off to the basketball game. We walked there spouting off (I mean, shouting) lines from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”. By the way, Rick was very sick, bad cold. Props to him for hanging in! It was a big day at the Convo because OU was celebrating 100 years of Bobcat Basketball. They had players from the past including one man who came dressed in a Hawaiian shirt. Props to him for that one! Jason and Rick spotted Manute Bol sitting on the other side of the Convo. We wandered over there and we got a picture with him. He wasn’t very excited to have us take his picture as you can see for yourself. The game was good but the end result wasn’t. OU played Kent State. The game came down to the final moments but OU lost by two points, 73-71. You couldn’t help but notice the cheerleaders including one of them, who had the most unbelieveable set of abs, I’ve seen. Props to her for those! 🙂

So we went back to the hotel to get ready for the night. We walked up to “uptown” because it literally up the hill. We started at Court Side Pizza. The nice people sitting next to us had plenty of pizza left over and ended up “donating” it to our cause. Props to them for their gesture. Nice free meal! We headed to C.I., where we met up with Steve & Matt. The place was dead but Matt reassured me things would change, and they did. Props to him for the reassurance. Jason being the tour guide that he was/is, took me to Pawpurr’s, then Crystal, Red Brick Tavern. Crystal (I think that’s the name) was the best of all of them because of the “talent”. Frank and I at one point bumped into “cheerleader with the great abs” and I got a picture with her even though my camera was sans batteries. We took it with my camera phone which didn’t turn out so good. Oh well!

Props to Jason for the trip suggestion and the rest of the Bobcat pack!

American Idol

Okay, I’m not impressed with this season. There is no stand-out, no “it” guy or gal. Antonella Barba has the looks, but she didn’t carry her tune Wednesday night. Lakisha Jones did an remarkable job on Jennifer Hudson’s song from “Dreamgirls” but will audiences buy into her? Melinda Doolittle rocked the place but she doesn’t have that “it” factor. Jared Cotter will no doubt make the girls swoon but he didn’t deliver Tuesday night. Simon said the girls would love Chris Richardson but he didn’t impress me much either. Where are the Kellie Pickler’s, the Ace Young’s, the Mikalah Gordon’s, the Bo Bice’s… you know I could go on and on. Right now, I’m not getting the star appeal from any of these Idol contestants.

Also, I’m tired of Randy always “trying to keep it real” with the contestants. Randy, just say what you want and move on. There’s always the struggle, you know what you want tell them. Lighten up a little. We know Paula’s going to be the encouraging coach, Simon’s gonna be the “kick your butt” motivator but you are always struggling.

These kids don’t have an zingers for Simon either. Chris Sligh has a couple but he’s not going to carry the show. One of the contestants, Antonella Barba, almost fell apart on stage. “What would you ask the judges now?” Ryan asks her. “What else can I do?” she meekly asks the judges. I forgive the nerves but this is Hollywood!

Overall, the show just lacks energy of last season or the one before. Let’s hope dumping four of these contestants will give the show back some of its zing!

“How I Met Your Mother” Marathon

I never knew how much I loved Sundays. Now that I’m working Monday through Friday. I have Sundays back. Sundays aren’t like Saturdays. There are no plans to be made, no social events to get ready for, it’s a relaxation day. It’s also a day you end up thinking a lot, but that’s a topic for a future blog.
I digress… If you haven’t seen “How I Met Your Mother”, you should! Heck, I’d even recommend you going and buying the first season on DVD. It’s well worth your money. It is one of the best sitcoms on television right now. Yes, it does have a “Friends” quality to it but it has a different dynamic.
I spent Sunday completing rewatching the first season on DVD. It’s full of laughs and God knows I need them now. It was a gift card Christmas present. If you don’t know about the series, it’s a love story in reverse. The show centers around Ted (Josh Radnor) and how he fell in love. Ted lives with his best friends Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lilly (Alyson Hannigan). Ted’s “wing-man”, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) complete the ensemble. During the show, Ted recalls his single days through a series of stories told to his kids in the year 2030. Bob Saget is the voice of the older Ted who recalls the memories and occasionally interjects during the episode.
So Sunday’s have become my marathon days and by the way, I’m not talking about running but since we’re on the subject I think I’m running a half marathon this summer. It’ll be tough but I’m training now. Working out has become somewhat of an obession for me.
Second digress of this post. I have “Bewitched” Season 4 on DVD. Yeah, “Bewitched”. We’d watch it when we were getting ready for school on TBS back in day. I can’t wait for my kids to watch it someday, however then DVD’s will be obsolete.

Cavs vs. Lakers

This blog is quickly becoming the diary of my life. I got the chance to see the Cavs take on the Lakers at the “Q” Sunday. A wild day to say the least, I ended up at Morton’s with a nice filet and good conversation. Oh, by the way, I’ll have some of that award-winning free water you like to serve with the meal here at your famous restaurant. Oh, what a night! “Todd, just go to the game with me”, Katie says. 8 hours later, I arrive back home. What else are you going to do on a Sunday afternoon and evening right? It was fun even if Kobe couldn’t miss a shot from the line and LeBron was having some trouble hitting the hoop. Cavs win, 99 – 90 with some last minute nailbiting in the 4th quarter. Props to Jeff for the tix!

Breaking News and More Breaking News…

No one could have imagined the events that happened this week. First, an astronaut traveled hundreds of miles, wearing diapers, allegedly trying to kill a woman supposedly trying to win the attention of her love interest. This was a 24 news channel’s dream story. It had all of the elements to allow MSNBC, CNN and FOX to do stories for the next two weeks solid.

But hold the phone…

“Newsflash: Anna Nicole Smith rushed to a hospital… check that, Law Official says Anna Nicole Smith is dead… wait, we’ve just gotten word that Anna Nicole Smith died.”

Forget what happened with the astronaut. This is the story that will be fodder for all of the cable news channels and any other “news” outlet for months. Who will get the baby? Who’s the baby’s father? Who will inherit all of Anna Nicole’s millions? What about the pending lawsuit against Anna Nicole and TrimSpa? What about her son’s mysterious death? The questions will go on forever. And we’re not even going to venture into conspiracy theory land.

Don King held a news conference to talk about Anna Nicole. Zsa Zsa’s husband admit he’s had a 10 year affair with Anna Nicole. Former WWE wrestler, Chyna, fought with the wife of TrimSpa’s CEO, Alex Goen fighting over whether Chyna was stalking Anna Nicole. Entertainment Tonight is “breaking” news about the latest on the investigation.

Strap yourself in, this is going to be a long media circus because who knows when poor Anna Nicole will ever be buried or finally put to rest.


You really don’t feel like running a marathon when you have a cold or sinus infection or whatever I have. It’s crappy because I can’t or don’t want to think about doing anything else than sitting here in the La-Z-Boy wrapped up in covers watching television. I can’t call off work because it’s sweeps. If it weren’t, I’d be calling off today for sure.

It’s cold outside and I’m not looking forward to going out into it. Normally, I love the cold and the snow. Yep, that’s right, I love snow. You’d like it too if you’d lived in Southern Texas for two years. It may sound like paradise to some people but sweating as soon as you walk outside isn’t my thought of happiness.

On a good note, I did get caught up on several DVR’d programs; American Idol, Two and A Half Men. Coming up on American Idol, the audition pear-down, I’m not so excited about it. It’s the most boring part of the show. Let’s just get on to the performances and the cast offs.

Oh, on another topic, I’m urging you to watch “Heroes” on NBC this Monday night. Just when I think it couldn’t get any better, it does. (Sorry for the cliche) It’s an addicting show and I’m hoping you will get addicted just like me.

The Dreaded Cold!

Yep, I’m celebrating my second, that’s right, second cold of the season. I’m stuffed up, achy and just don’t feel good. My immune system has to be that of an ant. Actually, maybe they have a better one. This cold has taught me I have to take vitamins because God knows I probably don’t eat right at all. I thought my exercise regiment would actually help boost my immunity but apparently not. I’ve always been prone to getting sinus infections, which I think this actually is. But I hate feeling this way. I’ve probably tried, at one point in my life, every cold medicine shown in the picture and nothing really works. You simply have to give the bug time to get out of your system. Everyone says try Zicam®, so I’ve been suffering with the downright horrible chalky taste of their quick dissolving tablets. My result, still got a cold and it doesn’t seem to be going away any faster. Others say try Alka-Seltzer Plus® Cold Medicine. I did during my last cold or sinus infection, whatever it was and nadda, suffered with the dang thing for three weeks. Even Alka-Seltzer says it rushes medicine to break up your worst cold symptoms fast. Sorry, that wasn’t the case, in my case. Now, does any of this have to do with the stress of my job or of the recent events in my life, most definately! So, I’ll self-medicate myself (sic) and try to battle this dang virus myself because going to the doctor always ends with antibiotics and everyone says antibiotics don’t treat colds. Clarinex-D® 12 Hour is, however, my friend. I have a prescription for it and it actually helps me when I get all stuffed up. So here’s my arsenal of medicine this time around, I’ve got the Dayquil, Zicam, Clarinex-D, and Alka-Selzer Plus Cold Medicine (all the implied ®’s for each of them) in the cabinet ready to roll if I need them, oh and I have the Vitamin C, which I’ve been popping at a crazy rate. I’ll take any prayers too! My advice to you, wash your hands a lot!