Camera Shy

It took me a lot of following this little guy around the courtyard at my old station but I finally got close enough to get him on camera. He couldn't survive in Cleveland right now.

Sunny Friday

If there's one thing you can count on here in South Texas is you'll see the sun. You might have to look between some clouds but it'll be there.

The trip has been so fun so far!!

Rock Star Seating

I think God was getting me back for the previous post where I complained about the guy sitting next to me. On the flight to HRL, the plane is very small. It’s a CRJ200. Two seats on both sides and it’s cramped. The guy I was sitting next to originally on this flight, well, let’s just say he made things more cramped. He asked for a seatbelt extender. You get the picture. I upgraded myself to the first row aisle seat.

If this wouldn’t have happened, Continental could have counted on a nice letter from taawd. It was so close quarters that it was almost uncomfortable for me to breathe.

I don’t have to worry about writing that letter thanks to my initiative. I’m enjoying my rock star seating, thank you very much.

Waiting For The Plane

It's starting to feel like I've been up but I feel refreshed after eating breakfast. Apple juice doesn't go that far. I'm ready to get there already.

Beverage Of Choice?

Jason knows the answer to this one. I don't drink caffeine and I've kicked sodas completely. I've always loved coffee but I generally even avoid decaf. The answer? Apple juice. It was the first beverage I ever had 30,000 feer in the air and it's been a taawd tradition ever since. Now that's taawd trivia!

Sunrise Over The Midwest

I was able to actually sleep for about 15 minutes on the flight. Luscious Jackson's "Naked Eyes" woke me up. I was jamming out Jack Johnson and that tune snuck up on me. By the way, our flight took us directly over Memphis, how fortunate. Hopefully we will land soon the man next to me has that old man smell. I hope it doesn't rub off on me. Ah, the scent of Old Spice!

Flight 1045

I've been on this flight before, several time while living in South Texas. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.